Apparently Rape is a Spectator Sport in New York


Horrific news is coming in today from several sources.  A woman who was repeatedly raped in the presence of MTA employees at a train station in Queens, NY was told by a judge today that those who stood and watched her rape take place had no obligation to help the woman, other than inform their command center that police presence was needed at their location.  (Note: they are only obligated to call the command center, not 9-1-1) 

us-constitution1My thoughts on this issue are frankly all over the place.  I will always fight vehemently that our Constitutional freedoms are upheld.  Unfortunately, that means that I must tolerate the immoral way that others use their freedom.  However, we certainly need to be reminded that the U.S. Constitution was created for a moral and God-fearing people.  Clearly, as in the case of those who watched this heinous act take place in Queens, many have become numb to any thoughts of moral conscience.  While these onlookers will not have to answer to this particular judge, they will certainly have to answer to God and explain to Him why they simply allowed this to happen.  

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But let’s move on.  I think it’s only a matter of fairness that I address the other obvious aspect of this crime.  Whenever an “accidental” (a.k.a. stupid disregard for gun safety) or criminal act with a handgun is committed in this nation, we are bombarded by the media and other anti-gunners telling us how awful guns are.  So isn’t it fair that when a person is attacked by a psychotic rapist and completely ignored by the citizens around her that we also hear the drum beat again and again about the need for us to take responsibility for protecting ourselves?  Clearly this judge didn’t feel that anyone was required to protect this woman.  And clearly the police didn’t have sufficient cause to protect her as they showed up at least 10 minutes after the call was made–the attacker was able to rape the woman twice during this time!   

So I ask you.  When are women going to learn that we simply cannot and should not count on anyone else to protect us?  We MUST take responsibility for this matter ourselves.  And we must make a wise decision as to the most effective way to defend ourselves.  With so much training available, much of it even for free, there’s no reason why a woman needs to endure this type of atrocity.  Fighting back is not a privilege.  It’s a RIGHT.  

asp2I know, I may shock some of you with this statement, but I am 100% convinced that the best way for this woman to have defended herself would be with a handgun.  I don’t know how much the guy weighed, how tall he was, but frankly it doesn’t really matter.  When it comes to a clear need for self-defense, I say don’t mess around asking the guy to stop raping you.  Don’t mess around asking for others to defend you.  Defend yourself.  Two double taps to the chest, and it’s done, and it’s justified.  The horrors that this woman is going to have to live with over and over again, feeling not only betrayed by mankind, but by her own instincts, would not be an issue for her any longer if she had simply and matter-of-factly been able to stop this act by defending herself.  Yes, she would have to deal with the fact that she defended herself and as such took a life.  But psychologically that’s a lot easier to deal with than the unspeakable horrors she suffered while others simply watched.   

Her second best defense would have been an Asp, a telescoping metal baton that will indeed crush or break bones that it contacts with a forceful strike.  The third most effective would have been by leveraging her physical strengths—real physical strategies that help in a street fight such as this.  None of this “crouching tiger” baloney.  When he had her in a bear hug, if she had known how, she could have crushed his nose with her head, or she could have flipped him over into the tracks, the very same way that he threatened her, or she could have crushed his wind pipe with her hand, shoe, or cell phone. 

Here’s the rub though.  This woman is in New York, thus she has to show “cause” as to why she should legally possess a firearm.  An Asp would have been illegal in her state as well.  Adding insult to injury, if this had occurred in New York City, even IF she had a handgun WITH a license to carry, she would have been illegally in possession of it, as New York City does not recognize licenses from the State of New York.  How’s that for ridiculous?   

2nd-ammendment2The sanctimonious positions of many who mistakenly believe the 2nd Amendment is only for members of militia are clearly wrong in light of this set of circumstances.  Our Founding Fathers fully understood that others could not be compelled to defend us, except in a time of war, and still have our nation be built on freedom. However, they certainly would not have left us defenseless in the face of evil as this woman was either.  Thus every American in this nation was given the right—not privilege—to defend themselves with a gun.  This woman lost her civil lawsuit against the MTA.  Perhaps she should be suing the State of New York for making it difficult for her to defend herself with the most effective means possible!


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  2. what? omg, that is just mind blowing crazy. To be watched being raped and not being helped? That is insane. I mean to be living in a world where we are all capable of doing something and taught to be the helping hand of those who need it, certainly this has shocked me.

    I don’t know how to react but I would be very pissed off if someone saw it happen and not do a single thing to help the person in need. With technology these days, they could not phone 911?

    • Laila, their actual procedure is to simply contact Command Post and alert them. brilliant, eh? (not that 911 would have resulted in any additional action in this instance anyway, in my not-so-humble opinion.

  3. This is psychotic. I would find it hard to be a law abiding citizen, if I were in a state where I could not carry a concealed gun. However if I were witness to something like that , and I wasn’t packing I’d be in a very staby mood. ( I always have a small folding knife)

    New York City has had a virtual ban on firearms since 1967, yet it also ranks among the most dangerous places in the country to live. In New York violent criminals can easily obtain machine guns and other deadly weapons on the streets within minutes.

    Why does increased violence go hand-in-hand with gun-control laws? The reason is that a disarmed people make easy targets.

  4. You are an excellent writer and providing a great service. Just discovered your web site. In the old days a law was not needed in order for people to defend and protect the innocent, decent human beings would sacrifice their own lives in order to help.
    NYC is an immoral place from the top down. The only moral thing to do is be prepared to protect yourself and loved ones.

  5. As you can read in the links, the MTA employees were only required to notify their command center. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit judgmental and wondering what kind of men are these who just sit back and watch. My husband could have been completey unarmed and he would have done something. It’s almost preverse if you think abou it.
    I can assure you that I would have definitely done something, with or without a weapon. If I died, at least I died in the service of someone else, unlike these poor excuses for a human being who just stood by.

  6. The MTA fell back on that quasi-Nuremberg defense of “We followed procedure.”

    Our local police department did the same thing after a young girl disappeared after getting off the school bus. Oh, procedure says this is a runaway so we won’t even try to look for her right away.

    They found what was left of her body about six months later. The man who raped and murdered her also raped both of his stepdaughters, who had children by him.

    But the police got off scot-free, because THEY FOLLOWED PROCEDURE.

    • Very well put, Hecate. That’s exactly what happened here. Remember the U.S. Constitution was said by the Adams to be drafted for a “moral and religious people.” Guess the judge and these two MTA folks are neither.

  7. This is absolutely sickening.
    If I (or any of my trusted friends and family) had been there those rapists would’ve been missing half their head, or would be maimed for life.
    I’d be hard-pressed not to turn on the freaking “guards” in their cozy little booths for their perversion of justice.
    Job security be damned…if somebody’s being mistreated you do what you have to to stop it, or better yet, prevent it altogether.

    So much for a well-armed populace…both in physicality and in mindset…

    • I have to admit that I agree with you PMZ. And I think sickening is an appropriate word. The only thing worse is that this sickening behavior was enforced by a Judge. grrrr!!!

  8. […] It’s unfortunate that such a legal process has consistently proven to be ineffective in protecting the life of its intended person.  Stalking, harassment, violent threats, even child kidnapping have all been cause for women to request a Protection Orders.  But very few times do they come with any semblance of enforcement by local “law enforcement” authorities.  I don’t mean to sound too terribly bitter in writing this, but it infuriates me when I see—literally—10 times the number of persons being pulled over for speeding in the last several months, all the while knowing that some woman is living her life with a false sense of security from a Protection Order that will not be enforced by law enforcement.  Too often such protective orders are recognized when it was far too late. The point of this piece is not to trash on law enforcement or the court systems.  It’s to make you realize that a protection order will NOT physically protect you and truly gives a false sense of security.  Chances are a Protection Order will only legally protect you (which becomes very important, but much later than you may anticipate).  The Supreme Court has already passed down a ruling clearly stating that police officers don’t even have the obligation to protect you even when they are witnessing a crim…   […]

  9. Indeed this blog, Women of Caliber is of the highest caliber in professional blog reporting & solid opinions concerning not only this sordid unjust NYC-MTA dysfunction, but other timely informative thought provoking posts.
    Thank God for brave & savvy women like Kellene Bishop, and Women of Caliber who are willing to put their feet, reputation and money where their hearts are.
    In a perverse logic sense, perhaps more bleeding heart, mentally ill liberals such as this judge need to be violently mugged if not sodomised himself to get the picture more clearly into their thick skulls, even to the reality check forsaking of their patronising marxist liberalism in exchange for clear headed, whole hearted, JudeoChristian libertarian patriotism. Common sense, as in Thomas Paine.

    Nonetheless, the author of this post is correct that despite nearly every sane and sensible self defence method or tool available to this unfortunate woman, is defacto ILLEGAL in politically perverse states such as Massachusetts, Illinois & NY, EXCEPT to “lawENFORCEMENT” ergo, the hired gun state thugs for whom nearly nothing is illegal nor unjust including protected brutality. These politically upside down states such as New York are a breeding ground of contempt for anything that smacks of sane, logical action that ensures one’s personal freedom and liberties yet in turn, tips every advantage towards the outlaw criminal thugs, who in reality enjoy far more protection of their “rights” under the biased insane courts and have all the more incentive to ply their dark trades without fear.

    Yet it is incumbent for this dear lady who was brutalised without comfort, of aid forthcoming , as well as all other citizens , to REFUSE to become victims: Whether by the vicious street thug rapists or by the mentally imbalanced politicos, their crooked laws and their hired badges & guns, who indeed seem to be under no legal obligation to protect us.

    An individual citizen stands a far better chance of less traumatised survival, if properly trained, especially with the superior advantages of top echelon training If I may suggest a couple sources: For peerless firearms training think first of Ignatius Piazza’s FrontSight Academy LasVegas, NV and for the ultimate in physical combat self defence courses: Do run, don’t walk to the top-flight Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training of LasVegas NV) You will be light years ahead in dealing with armed, violent, & crazed criminals and in reality, better trained than 95% of law enforcement on the streets as well. You can bet on that with your life and the lives of loved ones, perhaps even, on behalf of the life of a fellow citizen in dire need.

    • Thanks for your comments GM. Keep in mind readers, that Women of Caliber obviously teaches firearm training specifically for women, by women. 🙂 Unfortunately, getting regular training will indeed put you way ahead of our law enforcement. ( I have NOTHING good to say about the law enforcement involved in this story.) But most work LONG hours and aren’t given regular training that’s worthwhile. Instead of receiving repetitive physical and firearm training, they are forced to endure “homosexual sensitivity” and other politically correct training courses.

      • You’re a gem amongst women Kellene. I did not say nearly enough to readers about your red hot passion in regards to personal liberties and Second Amendment rights as well as your unique, highly skilled background in handling firearms; in turn, imparting those freedom ensuring skills & mindset, via premium training to women who are willing to take a stand for their own safety and that of others.

        Bravo, good lady
        Regards, Garrett.

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