Why I DON’T Recommend a Stun Gun for Self-Defense

By Kellene Bishop

The primary reason why I don’t recommend a stun gun for self-defense is one of the critical reasons why I DO recommend a woman use a firearm… distance. 

Photo by DefendingWomen.com

Photo by DefendingWomen.com

Anything you have to use in close proximity of your attacker would be the LAST choice for a self-defense weapon choice on my list.  Firearms give you the benefit of distance whereas stun guns are only effective in close encounters.  A stun gun may not completely debilitate your attacker and thus more punching and other attack moves are likely to continue.  They are also very ineffective on individuals who have narcotics or excessive amounts of alcohol in their system.  Consider as well you are at the mercy of whether or not your battery is functioning.  Also, a stun gun is ineffective with multiple attackers.  I mean really.  If you are able to stun one attacker, don’t you think you’ve suitably warned any additional company he may have with him?  Do you know whether or not the stun gun will properly facilitate on repeated uses with the necessary power?  Additionally, a stun gun in such close proximity can easily be turned on you by the sheer strength of your attacker. 

Now compare this to the safety which a firearm affords.  The effective use of a firearm has much more stopping power than a stun gun, at a distance, and even at small calibers and with no faulty batteries to rely on.  One firearm can easily handle multiple attackers.  A heart will stop cold with a well-placed bullet regardless of the drug or alcohol content of an attacker’s blood.  The very sight of a firearm held competently in the hands of determined woman has been known to stop numerous attacks throughout our nation.  Many attacks.  Even a misplaced shot to the leg or shoulder, while not fatal, is usually suitable to eliminate the threat of the attacker.  The majority of all violent criminals do NOT expect a woman to be armed with a firearm, thus you have a significant element of surprise on your side as well.  Ultimately, you want to be safe.  And the further away you can be from an attacker to ensure that safety, the better.

If you are against a firearm, then at least consider a taser.  At least a taser can give you about 10 feet (maximum) of distance and cannot as easily be turned on you.  However, keep in mind that there have been several reports of men being hit with a taser by law enforcement in which they were not affected whatsoever.  So again, my weapon of choice is of course a firearm.  But if you’ve got to use a close second, I’d make sure you have a taser and a working cell phone at all times.

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20 Responses

  1. Another great post/ariticle! Thank you!

  2. Good analysis. Of course, the rational thinkers don’t need persuading, while the emotional thinkers have already made up their mind that GUNS ARE BAD!!!!1!!!!one

    • Too bad I rarely encounter an openminded rational person when it comes to guns. But I can still hope. After all, that’s what I was.

  3. […] Kellene at Women of Caliber. Bullets work much better and you want distance!! Bullets allow you to reach out […]

  4. You can try telling THAT to lydia cornell…she wouldnt listen to me!

  5. I see these folks all of the time, most are women and some are men. I love their reason for getting it,which is – they don’t want to hurt anybody. Really now.

    I don’t have that problem,not because I some murdering nut job,but because the criminals are.

    Stun guns, pepper spray,and most of the gadgets – as I call them – are just that gadgets – not weapons. Guns are weapons,and are designed for self-defense to STOP the criminals.

  6. ok first off, you can buy stun GUNS that shoot from a distance. and secondly, i would NOT feel safe anywhere if everyone had guns for self defence so its VERY VERY bad idea to have people walking round with guns.

    • Uh, Sam. I would say that you’ve landed on the wrong blog then. 🙂

    • Well Sam, it looks like you do not understand what a stun gun is as you are thinking of Tasers that will shoot darts at a distance. My guess is that you have no clue about how firearms work either but apparently that does not stop you from having a strong opinion on the subject. I would feel unsafe knowing that only the criminals around me have guns and the good law abiding citizens were prevented from having a gun because they obey the law. Just check out where a lot of the mass shootings occur and you will find that they were in gun free zones or better known as free fire zones because you are assured that no one else is armed. What better place to shoot a lot of people than a place where the good guys are not permitted to have a gun to shot back at you. 🙂 If you are lucky the police will eventually be there when there is enough of them assembled to go very slowly room to room. If you are even attacked by someone with a weapon of any kind let me know how fighting with your hands or stun gun works out for you. Just watch a few episodes of COPS to see the failure to stop rate of Tasers and Stun guns on people on drugs or drunk. Plus you need to reach bare skin. Try that out in the winter.

  7. Silenced pistol . .

  8. stun guns are similar to holding a knife against an attacker. You have to be effective in handling it to thrust it unto your opponent. There are tazers however that can stun an opponent from a little far away from you, which is a little safer than using a gun. Whether using guns or stun guns, just keep away from danger all the time.

  9. Why would you want to defend yourself from someone who is at a distance? If that person keeps distance, there is no need to defend yourself? Let alone shot that person. Where I live that would not count as selfdefense, especially if the attacker is unarmed. That would give me life in prison.

    • Tora, Unless you are living outside of the U.S. then your statement is flawed from a legal standpoint.

      Additionally, even if a person is UNARMED it only takes them 1.5 seconds to charge at you and cover 21 feet!
      Additionally a great deal of objects can be hurled. You are grossly mistaken if you feel your life is not in danger so long as there is some “distance” between you and a would-be assailant. An unarmed person charging at you is still a threat on your life. It doesn’t require a weapon to bash your head into the ground; to knock you unconcious and then drag you off to wherever; to punch you in the face and give you brain damage; to rape you; to break your neck or any other part of your body, etc, etc. Need I say more?

      I respond to your post not because I really believe that your mind might be changed in your assumptions but so that our other readers may be properly educated.

  10. A few tidbits:

    Much of society is naive of what is actually taking place around them. Criminals prefer that society remain this way, gives them the advantage.

    Many people pass within a few hundred feet of someone being assaulted in some illegal fashion on a daily basis and yet have no clue that it’s happening.

    The gun laws restricting people from lawful carrying of firearms keeps the scales tipped in favor of criminals.
    Those scales are already tipped heavily in favor of criminals in civil courts. (In some states they can sue for being injured while breaking into someone’s house, their family can sue if they are killed while assaulting a family [even in that family’s home], and the list goes on…)

    Great informative article, Kellene.

  11. I agree wholeheartedly with carrying a gun. Women especially, but everyone generally, need to prepare for a strange encounter. I’m in Arizona and can carry a gun without permit. Also, though, I carry The Best Stun Gun

  12. Im in part of CA that is almost impossible to get a CCW permit. I have a firearm at home, but more often than not I am out and about. Can you recommend a high voltage stun gun that also functions as a flashlight? There are so many mixed reviews online….

    • I’d actually suggest you use a taser gun so that you can still have some distance between you an the perpetrator. Go onto Amazon to select and be sure to read the reviews. There are actually several that are viable, but the Amazon reviews will be very helpful.

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