Letter to the President

By Kellene Bishop

Dear President Obama,

Photo c/o nymag.com

Photo c/o nymag.com

As you know, the Taliban has been successful in infiltrating Pakistan.  Your teleprompter may have also informed you that the Pakistani people are a nuclear society, well armed with an abundance of nuclear weapons.  As you may also know, the Taliban have every intention of overthrowing the Pakistani government.  As such, the nuclear weapons held in that country would be at their disposal and they would then be able to use such horrific weapons on the United States.  It is based on this concern that I address you today.

Since you and Geppetto feel that a gun ban in the United States will be effective in ensuring that even the criminals don’t have guns, I would like to persuade you to write the governing powers of Pakistan and request that they issue a weapons band edict.  Surely you can convince them that such an edict does not need to be met with any resistance.  It won’t have to be approved by any additional governing consensus of the Pakistani people.  Perhaps it can just be dictated to the people in something akin to an Executive Order or Presidential Directive like you do here in the U.S.  I’m sure that if you are able to influence their government leader to firmly issue a weapons ban, then all of the firearms, grenade launchers, machine guns, and the nuclear weapons will immediately disappear and we will no longer be under any threat of a violent attack.  Surely crime will decrease significantly in their war-torn nation.  In addition, I’m sure that such a weapons ban would even eliminate the Taliban from within the ranks of the Pakistani people.  After all, surely they will have to give up all of their weapons as well if they are dwelling in a country which imposes such restrictions.  Then the Taliban will only be left with words to fight their battle.  But then again, if you’re really smart, you can educate the Pakistani president on the power of the “Fairness Doctrine” and then ensure that the Taliban cannot even share their message without having an alternative view thrust upon the people as well.  Surely these actions will bring our nation and even the world under a much greater security and peace.


The Tooth Fairy

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.
You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.  

5 Responses

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  3. Ha ha! That was good!

  4. You are the SHIT Ms Bishop!

  5. Yep, pie in the sky and wishful thinking they are.

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