You’ll Never Guess Who’s Buying the Guns Now

nra-newsBy Kellene Bishop

Last night I was a guest on the NRA News program “Cam and Company.”  The host, Cameron Edwards, asked me a question that I thought a lot of our readers would be interested in knowing the answer to. 

“Have you noticed any particular trend in women purchasing guns?”

The answer is a definite YES, but the description of these women may surprise you.

Photo c/o

Photo c/o

The majority of them are first time purchasers.  But even more surprising, especially to the main stream media, is that the majority of these women are mothers.  Some would say “You’re a mother!  You’ve got kids in the house.  Why are you buying a gun?!”  A mother purchasing a gun may be counterintuitive to the majority of the world.  But the feedback I’m hearing from my students who are mothers, especially of young children, is actually quite logical.  These mothers are slowly becoming aware that they are usually the only point of defense in their child’s life.  Even in a two-parent home, the mother is around the children the most, thus most responsible for their protection and safety.  Although when one thinks of a mother they usually think of a kind, nurturing, loving, and caring woman.  But these mothers nowadays are definitely showing their “lioness” side to them as well.  And they are strengthening that instinct with their money and their time to acquire the skills and tools necessary.  These mothers are realizing that can’t rely on someone else to protect their children and to relinquish such a responsibility would be foolish.  They also are seeing that protecting THEMSELVES is also a critical component to being ABLE to protect and provide for their children.  They aren’t able to rely solely upon their physical strength to do so, and thus in the face of an increasing presence of crime, they are opting for the ultimate equalizer in any fight, a firearm, coupled with the knowledge, skill, and willingness to use it in defense of their loved ones.

If you ask me, I feel that this is a refreshing and perfectly sensible outlook for mothers to adopt.  So ladies, how can I help you implement this strategy?

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4 Responses

  1. I’m surprised that more women aren’t buying guns. Its good to see that the trend is going toward more armed women and fewer choosing to be victims.

    • Bucking a trend, especially a deeply rooted one such as women…anti-guns…is a tough one. But it’s starting to take place and I’m very grateful for that.

  2. This is great news. Thank you for reporting it.

    • My personal goal is to teach 100,000 women how to skillfully use thier firearm in self-defense. So this is a good start. *wink*

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