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  1. My wife has asked for a “belt” she can wear around her stomach to carry her S & W revolver. (It’s on her Christmas list.) I bought her a model 642. I work in law enforcement, and I think all women should carry concealed if eligible. If anyone can suggest a “belly belt” they prefer, I would appreciate it. It would be nice to have a woman’s opinion on this.



  2. it’s great to see women embracing firearm use, firearms are the only great equalizer in any circumstance, its is only then that women and men are equal

  3. Kellene, can you tell me the name brand of your belly band holster? I found the web site with the original , but you looks different and they only had back and white maybe you could give me the website I appreciate it!

    • Looks to me like she is using a De Santis, they have a small size at dillonprecision.com. I am a small women and am looking for something also. Good luck, Melanie

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