Women—The Better Defender?

By Kellene Bishop

Think about this for just a moment.  If you were to enter a PTA meeting full of women who you knew were armed with a concealed carry weapon, would you feel safe or intimidated?  Yet if you were to enter a lodge with a bunch of men who you knew were carrying a gun, would your feeling differ?  I’m thinking I’d want to start singing God Bless America in the room full of women.  Is this because women are the better defender?  Maybe…

fierceWhich component brings to mind the greatest level of fierceness—estrogen or testosterone?  There’s a reason why men back away from a woman who tells him it’s “her time of the month” and it’s not because they are afraid they will get cooties.  They are afraid of the wrath that comes with it sometimes.  What’s fearful about a bunch of testosterone comparing muscle bulges? J If I had to pick between estrogen and testosterone, I’d definitely see women as the better defender for my team, except…

Physiologically men are instinctively adept at estimating distance (miles, inches, and so forth—except when they are fishing), whereas women are great about evaluating space (“Yes, Honey.  That picture is centered.”).   This is why you’ve heard many times that women make great target shooters.  They can better gauge the center of mass on a target, but…

With women, fear usually goes out the window when the lives of their children or loved ones are threatened.  They have this remarkable, even miraculous ability to suppress all reactions to pain, obstacles, and distractions when it comes to saving or giving a life.  This makes them an ideal defender with a great presence of mind if they will simply allow themselves to think and be trained in such a way.  In most instances, what causes women to fear is vulnerability.  In the event of an attack or criminal threat, this vulnerability is obliteration with the right tools and knowledge of their proper use.  A firearm can easily solve that vulnerability.

mama-bearAll of the exceptions to these statements are because so many women fear the tool or training that will significantly enhance their already innate defensive traits.  With a firearm, the proper mentality, and the proper training of a woman is every bit the defender as a man in my opinion, and in some instances even more ideal due to the element of surprise that’s inherent in a woman fighting back—an element/asset which should never be underestimated.  Women are an ideal defender of life and freedom.

Come on ladies.  Let’s live up to our REAL persona.  They don’t use phrases like black widow spider, mama bear, Amazon women, girl power or queen bee for nothing.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


5 Responses

  1. Heck, I am afraid of my female cat, and so are her four off spring,who all out weight her by 5 pounds or more.

    As to your first question, a little of both, but more of being safe.

  2. I own two firearms Ruger P95DC and H&K .357 sig….I work private security and investigations and It is my god given right to protect when I deem necessary

    Women protect their offspring and sometimes you men act like offspring so yes we are the better defender 😉

  3. How many women died fighting the American Revolution?

    How many women fought at the Alamo?

    How many women died at Little Bighorn?

    How many women actually stormed the beaches of Normandy?


    Why is that?………….

    FYI, in a truly free society no women would even think to wright an article as ridiculous as this……….

    • Or you could look at it as we’ve come a very long way.
      In my opinion, in a virtuous society, no self-respecting man would require that another woman defend herself or her country in this manner. But the degredation of our society and the limited number of courageous warriors necessitates it.
      It’s very, very naive of any one to believe a woman will have someone by their side at all times to defend her. She must defend herself, and fortunately when trained, she has the ideal skills to do so.

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