Self-Defense Home Security

By Kellene Bishop

Remember when I said that the element of surprise is actually your strongest advantage over an attacker or crime?  This is especially true if such an instance occurs in your home.  As such in order to create the maximum self-defense home security, there are several modifications that I would encourage you to make in your home to ensure the ideal efficacy.  

1)     Navigation in the dark: Be sure that you have the upper hand and know how to navigate in your home in the dark with familiarity.  Know where your creaky steps and floor spots are, not only to avoid giving yourself away, but so that if you hear the noise yourself, you know where an intruder is located.  Remember, this is about self-defense in your home, not simply alerting some distant call center that something has happened.  You need the to think in terms of what you’re going to do in the meantime while law enforcement is responding to a call.  

Photo c/o clickykbd

Photo c/o clickykbd

2)     Mirror and picture placements: Mirrors obviously reflect images, but so do photographs and glass-covered painting when hung on the walls with a little bit of moonlight.  Be sure to evaluate these items to see if they are in a position that will give you the advantage or will give your position away.  This is one of the most strategic methods that I encourage women to incorporate in order to have self-defense home security.

3)     Availability of firearms and other weapons:  Have your self-defense weapons in more than one location in your home.  Not just firearms, but your bats, your batons, pepper sprays, etc.  Know exactly where they are and be sure you can find them in the dark.  If you don’t know where these are, or if they are inaccessible, your self-defense home security is useless.  

4)     Telephone land line: While I’m all about saving money that would otherwise go toward utility, I’m a big proponent of having at least one place in the home where there is a land line.  I have one under my bed in the bedroom just in case a cell phone blocking device is being used on me, or the towers are down due to some other emergency.  I strongly encourage you to do that as well.  You don’t have to have all of the bells and whistles on the phone service.  You simply need a reliable method of communication in the event of an emergency.  Cordless and cellular phones may not give you that when you really need it.

5)     Availability of cell phones: Now, having said what I did earlier, I think that considering the majority of break-ins and other crimes happen in the wee hours of the morning, folks should have their cell phones recharging nearby, not off in some other room in their home.  KNOW where you cell phones are and have them handy in the event of an emergency.  If you have to flee your home for some reason, at least you will have your cell phone to go with you as well so that you can accomplish the other vital communications necessary.  

6)     Elimination of obstacles: I’m not going to win a popularity contest with this one.  If you are navigating in the dark, the last thing you can afford to happen is give away your position by stumbling on foreign obstacles such as books, toys, etc.  Be sure that your rehearsed path of navigation is free from obstacles.  Yup.  I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but self-defense home security means actually having a relatively clean home.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


9 Responses

  1. Gosh. I am not a woman but anyway. We have weapons placed around the residence. Cell phones come into the bedroom at night.

  2. Good article. A friend and fellow prepper who happens to be blind was interested in this article and wrote a post about how she moves around and has the advantage with navigating in the dark:

  3. A couple of thoughts…

    The odds of anyone utilizing a cell phone blocking system are extremely low. Much much much lower than them disconnecting your landline from the outside before entry.

    A much better idea IMHO, is to keep your old cell phones. Especially those from different carriers. A little known fact: most newer handsets (3 yrs old or newer) will allow the dialing of 911 in an emergency. Even if there is no contract carrier.

    So I recommend keeping an old phone on a charger in your “safe” room. As well as one in your car. Just always keep it plugged in – in the same spot. Then if you ever need to dial 911. You have a phone. Even if they have cut your landline.It’s there, it’s ready, it can’t be cut. And in case you left your cell phone downstairs or in the car. You’ve always got the back-up cell phone plugged in at the safe room.

    • GREAT idea on the older cell phones, Friend! Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I just finished reading a lengthy article about how home invaders are carrying a device that blocks cell phones. Ugh! They may not be using guns, but they are trying to use technology on their side. After all, they can just steal it.
      Thanks for your comments!

  4. I never thought about number 4 before, good suggestion.

    Number one and six will never happen in my house. Have cats and wife is a bit on the messy side.

    This forces me to use a flashlight if I have to sweep the house for bad guys. Then again it also works to my advantage.

  5. Keep in mind that a flashlight shows the assailant your position. That’s why military rifles are made with suppressors…not for the noise suppression, but for the flash suppression so that the military is not exposing their exact position with the firearm flash.
    Having a relatively clean home isn’t just about showing off to the neighbors, it’s about saving a life too. Something for your sweetheart to consider.
    I have dogs and have had cats as well. I don’t find either of them to be a deterrent to my safety though as I’m familiar with their presence and habits as they are mine.

  6. […] *Note: I’m assuming that she is referencing this article: […]

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