The Most Important Weapon

By Kellene Bishop

I have fun asking folks what the most important weapon they own is.  I get answers like a .50 caliber, or a .357 magnum, their military combat skills, or a double-barreled shotgun.  But I have yet to have someone answer this question properly.  Yes, I said properly.  I don’t have to know what’s in their arsenal or their physical self-defense skills to know the most important weapon they own.

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The most powerful tool you have in the event of a criminal attack is your presence of mind.  In fact, the mind is so powerful, I intend to show you how you can’t conquer an attacker without the mind being effectively prepared.  Truly, the mind is key to stopping an attacker.  It is indeed the most important weapon you own.  Some women never go out in public without make-up.  I never go out in public or to sleep without my mind being properly tuned.

Most of us are fighting decades of programming that we already have ingrained in us.

“Thou shalt not kill”

“Never take the life of another”

“Killing is murder”

While such doctrine has substantial merit in a society of peace and order, firm mental beliefs focused incompletely can cost us all we desire to protect.  The mind must be properly tooled in order to use it as a weapon.  Just as you’d never expect to use a microwave to warm up a foiled frozen dinner, you’ve got to be sure you use the mind tool properly when faced with exceptional types of battles.  

The preconditioned state we have all been taught is that we can NOT take the life of another human being.  This doctrine is taught to us all throughout our lives.  However, the component of an “except” always seems to be the missing.  It’s actually kind of interesting that we’re properly indoctrinated with the exceptions of the “I-before-E- except-after-C” concept, but few are brave enough to teach us when an exception applies to taking another human being’s life.  

First of all, let me establish the ground rules, lest I be confused with a sadist.  My goal with a firearm or any other form of self-defense is to STOP the threat against my life, liberty, or virtue.  “Stop” is the key word here.  If I were to advocate “killing” then that would indeed make me an animal of the lowest degree.  Thus I do not teach to KILL, I teach to STOP.  However, having said that, understand that sometimes the only way to truly STOP a perpetrator is a shot to the heart or head.  This isn’t a matter of semantics.  Rather it’s an issue of physics.  I don’t shoot to maim, threaten, warn, or tease.  I shoot and defend myself in all ways to completely stop the threat.  

Indeed there is an appropriate time to defend yourself, even if it means a risk for the attacker to lose their life.  As I’ve stated before, you have the right to defend yourself with a firearm or whatever necessary force in the event that your life or your virtue is threatened, or if you face the threat of serious bodily injury.  In many states this is also the case if you act on behalf of someone else’s benefit as well.  However, it doesn’t matter what type of firearm you carry, the caliber, or the amount of practice time you’ve invested if you truly do NOT have the mindset to take such actions.  If you hesitate due to the “rule” without embracing the “exceptions” to that rule, it may very well be too late for you to defend yourself.  In this case the saying “he who hesitates is lost” is most accurate.

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Photo c/o

Admittedly conditioning your mind to STOP the attack by human being is challenging.  So much so that even law enforcement agencies discovered that using round targets in their shooting practice was ineffective in aiding them in stopping a live person.  They finally had to start using more realistic human shaped targets in order to assist their officers in overcoming the mental obstacles they faced in stopping a human threat.  As mentioned in previous articles, during the Revolutionary War many rifles were discovered that were full of powder and wads over and over again without the rifle ever being fired.  The reason is that while the soldiers practiced time and time again loading their rifles and bringing them up to shoot, they did not have anything to prepare them mentally for actually taking a shot at another human being.  Thus many soldiers could only bring themselves to go through the motions and never actually pull the trigger.  The most powerful rifle and the best of shooting circumstances cannot properly ensure that a person defends them self.  Only deliberate mental rehearsal and commitment can accomplish this, thus making the mind THE MOST IMPORTANT WEAPON you own.  

Having a weapon is great.  Having a permit is even better.  Having skill is critical.  But having your mind willing and ready to defend yourself, even at the risk of harming an attacker, is VITAL.  Your mind is truly the most important weapon you own.  Nurture it with mental scenarios, research, confidence in your shooting skills, and commitment.  Then, and only then, will all that you desire to protect be safe.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


4 Responses

  1. I guessed from your twitter post that it was the mind. Plus 27 extra super special bonus points for me 🙂

  2. I understood muskets with multiple loads as a result of unnoticed misfires, but both ideas ARE speculation. I could imagine someone hesitating to fire, then reloading along with everyone else. In the heat of battle it would be near impossible to notice who’s gun didn’t go off.

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