Firearm Defense for Women

By Kellene Bishop

Fencing Photos c/o

Fencing Photos c/o

Is there any question that self-defense training is necessary for women today? Unfortunately the problem is that there are so many to choose from. A lot of women who aren’t mentally prepared to take on the responsibilities of a firearm have dived into a multitude of physical self-defense techniques—boxing, martial arts, etc. I even had one woman tell me that she has taken up fencing for her self-defense training. (Yes, I did indeed roll my eyes on that one. “’Scuse me Mr. Bad Guy while I go to my trunk or my closet and pull out my dull tipped sword.”)

I bring this instance up because the majority of the self-defense training out there is complicated. It requires too many steps to be remembered and executed at a time when you’re least likely to have all of your wits and fine motor skills about you. Only extensive amounts of practice will accomplish the successful execution of such. Some self-defense methods require an amount of strength that does not readily accompany a woman’s makeup. Some require too much proficiency. And worse yet, some are incomplete. It’s at least a little inconvenient if a woman is attacked between her white and her green belt, don’t you think?

Photo c/o Brooks Kraft/Corbis

Photo c/o Brooks Kraft/Corbis

This is exactly why I’m such a big proponent of the use of firearms defense for women. With a single day-long class and some practice on your own, you can have all of the necessary safety skills as well as self-defense skills you need to properly protect yourself. It doesn’t matter if you get winded climbing the stairs in your own home. You can still effectively use a firearm to defend yourself with. It doesn’t matter if you’re disabled, deaf, or short like me. Everyone has the right to defend themselves and it doesn’t have to cost you money for years and years from now while you prepare yourself for that fateful moment.

Fortunately for you, firearm defense is effective for women regardless of who your opponent is. You can sufficiently stop a scrawny little coward or a sub-human towering lunatic. A couple of well placed shots is all you need—no sweating required.

Give firearm defense some thought, ladies. Firearm defense is clearly the most economic, effective, and timely manner for self-defense available.

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  1. I completely agree that more women need to be realistic when it comes to self-defence strategy. Nothing’s more aggravating than seeing a testimonial on the back of Tae-bo with someone saying they feel safer walking around at night.

    While I do not have much knowledge of firearms (being a non-military Canuck), in my experience with martial arts I have known many people who have no practical knowledge of self-defence, even after receiving black belts!

    One-day seminars geared toward the real world can be worth much more than years in most Dojos.

  2. Very good points. One might think all the so-called ‘feminists’ would embrace handguns as a great equalizer for women in a world full of violent men. Suddenly, a 6’4″ 250 lb. maniac has no advantage over a 4’11” elderly woman.

    Sometimes makes me wonder if they’re actually beholden to permanent victim status.

  3. Self defense classes are great and so are martial arts. Unfortunately a 125lbs woman with YEARS of martial arts training is almost surely going to loose a fight with a 180lbs man. Kicking and twirling and such are fine for fun but in real fights size, weight and strength matter a lot.

    Conversely a woman who spends a day at the range (or if she can afford it goes to a fancy pistol course) and has a pistol will have a fighting chance in any conflict.

  4. Again, gun defense is secondary while physical defense is primary.

    On my blog I’ve posted a news story involving a 57 year old women who literally floored her 200 LB attacker. She simply kneed the guy right in the groin and he went down real hard.

    In this case the women wouldn’t have had time to reach for a weapon and she was probably better off not having to waste valuable nanoseconds fumbling for a firearm. Instead she simply brought her knee up hard and gave the guy a pain that he’ll probably have nightmares about until the day he dies.

    The moral of the story is this:

    In most cases a women will not have enough time to find a weapon when she really needs it, and even a frail women is capable of physically defending herself if given the proper training.

    • We’ll definitely have to disagree on this one. A woman should have to “find a weapon.” It should be on her and quite handy. I say your woman got lucky in this instance, hands down. The proper training necessary for a “frail woman” can do wonders, but it takes a lot of such training. Whereas the training I share with women takes no where NEAR that long. (I’m competent both physically and with a firearm, but the firearm training came first and it came easily.) A woman can easily, confidently, quick draw her firearm and put a stop to it all after one lesson.

      Frail is one thing. But sick, lying in bed…she should still be able to defend herself.

  5. I think defense against a home invasion verses a defense against a street mugging or a barroom bully are two different things that require two different strategies. You seem to emphasizing the home invasion scenario. In that case I certainly agree with you. If someone ever tried to break into my home than the first thing I would do would be to reach for a weapon. That’s the safest way to go and the sound of breaking glass and strange footsteps will give me plenty of warning.

    However, if someone attacks you outside the home it will probably happen so suddenly that you won’t have a chance to pull out a weapon. At that point it gets real physical real fast. Although, fortunately the human body is on big vulnerable aria so you might as well take your best shot. At that point you;ll have time to pull out your weapon while the guys either writhing in pain or gasping for air.

    BTW, the 57 year old women that I mentioned in my previous post wasn’t lucky, In fact, if she wasn’t psychologically prepared than she would have frozen. Any person of any age can learn some basic and effective self defense in one afternoon by just reading a book on the subject.

    • au contraire. I specifically teach individuals to be able to quick draw and accurately shoot for outside of the home scenarios–it’s my specialty. And I relish in it. (yup, I’m whacked.) 🙂

  6. I so agree with the being as prepared as much as possible, in self defense. When I took my course, in properly handling, caring, license for my gun, I was told that when traveling by car to have it in parts, in my cases in the trunk. I had to laugh when I read the familiar, “excuse me, while I get out of car to get my gun out of my cases in my trunk, so I can defend my self from you” That was also my come back, and put it under my car seat. I never had to use it, but would have IF someone smashed their way inside. To many have been murdered by ? laws. The same goes for our home, as we have a very LOUD motion etc. type of burglar alarm that the neighbors can hear, and protection close by, and again, IF they break in through any doors. After reading SAD tragic situations that could happen, we decided to be prepared. PS I also believe in carrying a Bic etc. pen on me. Just because we’re in our seventies, doesn’t mean we wouldn’t or can’t do our best to defend ourselves. We are also life members of N. R. A, and wished more would do more to defend the second amendment, before we loose our self protection privileges.

  7. I agree and then some, every adult and even child should undergo firearms safety courses, not just a one day class, but should be implemented into school criteria as well. right now for a soc101 class i am doing and “activism” project and i chose why everyone should be required to carry a firearm who is not deemed a threat to them self or society. Most criminals would not commit a crime if they knew their victim and all bystanders had the means to fend off a crime. Look at the differences of Morton Grove IL and Kennesaw GA. One bans firearms and the other MANDATES firearms. I wish you luck in your hope to educate others:)

  8. I wouldn’t call martial arts or fencing self-defense by any stretch of the imagination… it’s sports.

    Learn how to fight unarmed, by all means. There are places where it might come in handy. If someone is traveling overseas, they don’t always get to take their gun. And learning how to fight is good when making sure you have time and distance to clear your gun of its holster.

    But don’t go to a dojo for that. I think only Krav Maga even comes close to teaching decent street skills. In my class, they would switch it up, make you fight in the dark, have people hit you with pads while you were trying to fight your way out of a pile, play loud music, use verbal abuse, etc. No fancy spinning kicks of complicated katas involving a ton of bowing and genuflecting before sensei. Weapons were introduced to be used in conjunction with training– eventually airsoft guns would be used to show just how easy it is to get shot if you’re not fast enough in reacting.

    But what I’ve found is that Krav Maga and similar reality-based physical defense classes and techniques scare away the same women who are afraid of firearms. They don’t like being told to rip off someone’s ear, slam their fist into the back of the neck where his brainstem is, or getting called nasty names during drills (lots of people totally freeze up when they are being verbally abused… do they think the criminal is going to be polite to them?)

    Some people just aren’t receptive to true self-defense. They’re stuck on Hollywood, when beautiful choreographed martial arts pits the hero against the competent bad guy, who’s looking for a challenge and a good fight instead of just to do evil. The fight plays to the audience’s idea of fairness, and people who think Aikido is going to save them enjoy this sense of fairness, imagining themselves throwing out witty epithets before saving themselves and/or others. They don’t understand that criminals have already sized them up and found them to be prey by the time they’re attacked. And they will be attacked when they’re unprepared, and there’s no time to “talk them down” or reason with them.

    For these people, it’s not about having a gun or not having a gun. They are not PSYCHOLOGICALLY prepared to defend themselves, and until they are, nothing is going to do them a lick of good. For some of them, it takes being a victim once to make them not want to be a victim ever again.

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