Please Don’t Feed the Criminal

By Kellene Bishop

First, read the article. Then, let’s “talk.”

While some may read this article and see it as a “peaceful” resolution, I say it’s a horrible example of someone protecting their home.  It is an example of a very incomplete self-defense, and as such it actually proved to be more dangerous that one might see on the surface.

First of all, hooray for the 77 year-old Doris Gatchell who has some sense of freedom and respect.

While I’m grateful that all is now well in the Gatchell home, there are several aspects of this story that disturb me greatly.  I’m interested in hearing your take on it as well. (I’ll be sure to read what you have to say, even if you’re wrong. *grin*)

  1. First of all, if a person is staying in my home on a permanent basis, they will indeed know how to defend themselves.  They will know where the proper tools are and how to use them.  The rule in my home is that once I see the gun or the knife, or ask the stranger to leave, it’s no holds barred.  This statement isn’t about killing someone.  It’s about STOPPING someone.  This person wasn’t stopped at all—for hours even.  Instead he was invited in for “tea and crumpets.”  Don’t feed the criminals. 
    Photo c/o edgeplot Photo c/o edgeplot
  2. Ladies—you do NOT converse with a criminal.  Your gift of the gab is simply not superior enough to rationalize with a criminal mind.  I’m very disturbed that a 30-minute conversation occurred between the younger woman and the man.  Hello!  He’s in your home.  He has a knife and a gun.  He even says that he’s NOT afraid of hurting anyone.  How much more proof do you need that he is an unwelcome guest violating your freedoms?  Get the heck out of there, or get the gun yourself.  Bottom line, you’ve got to have the mindset to STOP the criminal—don’t feed the criminal for crying out loud.  Repeat after me, “don’t feed the criminals!”  Defend yourself immediately, not during a commercial break.  Conversing at length as done in this story will NOT get him to leave.  It will only give him more time to strategize, get up the courage to do worse to you, and for you to emotionally compromise your defenses by relating to him as a human.  Remember, the moment a person uses their physical strength or position of power to control you, threaten you, or harm you in any way, they are no longer a human.  They are a sub-human animal.The article makes mention of the fact that the older Mrs. Gatchell had a concealed weapons permit.  Can I just say “SO WHAT?”  A concealed firearms permit is NOT necessary in ANY state in the U.S. in order to defend your home—period.  But of course the media has to mention this fact as if it’s pertinent to this particular story.
  3. The story attempts to make something of the fact that the older Mrs. Gatchell hadn’t seen the criminal’s gun until after he dropped it on the front porch.  Again.  So what?!  If he’s in their home, gun or no gun, get him the heck out of there!  She’s also got the testimony of the daughter that she had seen the gun and was afraid of imminent death.  Do we really need to endure another lengthy conversation to put any stock in what the daughter has said?
  4. Ironically, in spite of this being a terrible example of self-defense, this story actually reinforces the statistic that over 2.5 million crimes are PREVENTED every year due to the PRESENCE of a firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen.  No blood had to be shed to accomplish the safest outcome, but one should still be prepared mentally to pull the trigger to save one’s life, loved ones, and the sanctity of their home.
  5. I’m a bit concerned that the woman merely stated to the man that she had a gun.  In my opinion she should have pulled the gun, instructed him to leave immediately, and that would have been the end of that.  If you pull a gun out, you need to be prepared to use it.  You don’t pull a firearm out simply to tell someone you’re going to use it.  There’s a big difference there. 

If you’re confronted, defend yourself, period.  Please don’t invite the criminal in for wine and an episode of Oprah for crying out loud.  Please don’t feed the criminals.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


4 Responses

  1. I encourage anyone, man or woman who has taken Basic Pistol courses, to be responsible and take the next step, by taking Personal Protection in the Home Classes. Just as important, discuss with all members in the home intruder plans as you would fire and storm plans. It is essential to be prepared in any situation, by planning ahead.

  2. I had kind of the same sort of reaction – the self-defense was almost simply incidental to the story. It did strike me as yet another situation that’s good to prepare for, though: when another innocent person gums up the situation!

  3. I second that motion. However, I would do it for just not women,but alot of men as well. Most city dwellers do not have a background in gun culture.

    Take the course,get trained,and continue to get trained. I will even say that two years ago I took a NRA basic course and have been carrying for 17 years. You can never learn enough, or be reminded of fundamentals enough.

  4. […] times when it’s plainly obvious that your life and livelihood are in danger, at which point you don’t offer tea and crumpets to the perpetrator. You take action to defend yourself and your values immediately, lest you act too late. In my […]

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