Is a Concealed Carry Permit a Human Hunting License?

By Kellene Bishop

I often am accused of sanctioning violence by those who would not protect themselves. So those of you who still read my articles—even though you KNOW I’m all about self-defense with a firearm—you may be a bit surprised today to hear what I have to say.

Photo c/o

Photo c/o

When I first saw the headline on this article, “Concealed weapons permit holder stops would-be robbers”, (see I thought, “Oh good. A concealed carry permit holder finally gets some praise.” Then I read the article. It had me nearly swearing at my computer screen afterwards. Instead of being happy for this article about a concealed carry permit holder, I was yelling, “You idiot! It’s folks like you who make us look bad.”

So, let’s provide you with a little bit of Concealed Carry Permit Use 101 here. A concealed carry permit is not a Human Hunting Permit. Sorry, but chasing down humans and firing shots at them is NOT an authorized seasonal sport. This scenario portrays a foolish, irresponsible, and downright dangerous one.

For starters, it is very dangerous for this idiot to be shooting in the air and shooting into the ground. Basic physics tells us what goes up must come down. A round shot into the air comes down and you have NO idea where it lands. Causing a hail storm of rounds is not safe and just plain stupid. (Which is why you see it in the movies quite frequently.) Shooting rounds into the ground is ALSO unsafe. They could ricochet, hit you or someone else—or at least something else. Again, another dumb move you see in the movies.

Running with a Gun photo c/o

Running with a Gun photo c/o

Additionally, shooting at a firing range is NOT the same as shooting on the run, or even a slow walk. Very, very few individuals actually practice shooting this way. (Although I highly recommend such practice.) I’m willing to bet some major donuts that this guy did not practice shooting on the run. I’m quite certain that his shots were more about misses than warnings. And frankly, it’s a good thing. While I’m not an attorney, I would venture to bet that if this concealed carry permit holder had lethally hit one of the criminals, he would have been charged with manslaughter at the very least since he was proactively chasing them.

Let me be perfectly clear. As a person who is defending their life you are entitled to pull your handgun. However, you are NOT permitted to chase someone down with it. Now, having said that, could he have chased down the criminals who attempted to steal his stuff? Absolutely. And then IF they put up a physical resistance and threatened his safety, then, and only then, would he have been justified in unveiling his firearm.

Once again, having a concealed carry permit is not a hunting license.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved. You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


8 Responses

  1. I agree with this. Freedom to bear arms bears great responsibility. When you have a license to carry a concealed weapon, realize you agree to shoulder even more responsibility. It is imperative that each permit holder is abundantly clear as to what the laws are, and how they pertain to them. It is essential that they also train on a regular basis with the weapon(s) that they carry. The NRA has a street training course. Arming yourself with education and preparedness is the first line of defense, thereby, giving responsible gun owners and users redemption

    • A street training course, eh? I’m not familiar with that one. Do you mean the “outside the home” one? Otherwise, looks like I’ve got to get certified as an instructor for another class.

  2. Bingo. It is my,”I want to stay alive and be able to go home to my wife” license. For I have,as a human being,the right to defend myself from both two legged and four legged preditors.

  3. […] Is it worth dying for? Posted June 18, 2009 Filed under: Guns, self defense | Tags: Guns, self defense | Kellene reminds us what a concealed handgun license is for. […]

  4. I have a hard time seeing a reason I would chase a criminal who was running away. If their crime put myself or others into fear for our lives I would stop them but can’t see chasing them while carrying a gun. Certainly can’t see chasing them while shooting.

  5. One concern with chasing a criminal, getting into an altercation, then drawing your weapon and firing – the question arises as to whether or not the permit holder entered into combat by agreement with the criminal.

    Now, I am not a lawyer but, under Utah Code 76-2-402: (1) A person is justified in threatening or using force against another when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes that force is necessary to defend himself or a third person against such other’s imminent use of unlawful force. However, that person is justified in using force intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily injury only if he or she reasonably believes that force is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to himself or a third person as a result of the other’s imminent use of unlawful force, or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

    However –

    (2) A person is not justified in using force under the circumstances specified in Subsection (1) if he or she:

    (c) (i) was the aggressor or was engaged in a combat by agreement, unless he withdraws from the encounter and effectively communicates to the other person his intent to do so and, notwithstanding, the other person continues or threatens to continue the use of unlawful force;

    I would think that if you chased a criminal down, got into a scuffle and then pulled your gun and shot the guy, you’d be charged with assault or murder, depending on the outcome of the shooting. This moron is in violation of Utah Code 76-10-506, and probably a city and county ordinance or two.

    • I spoke to an attorney about this case in particular just for a point of reference. I believe what you bring up is indeed valid. As a Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor I can tell you what I do know. I do have the right to confront someone who is stealing my stuff. IF he then puts up a fights, the I have the right to physically protect myself. Chasing someone down is indeed an assualt or murder crime though.

  6. We have a God given right to defend ourselves, and if you are only using this lethal device for self defense, it would be hard to find a jury that would convict you.

    You bring up a good point; when it it self defense & when is it hunting? A slug to the back of the head in rage is not self defense. I hope I never have to make that choice, though I was robbed once, so it’s hard to say what happens when the endorphins start to flow.

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