Back-up Self-Defense Plans

Perhaps you’ve watched that good old Western movie in which the hero announces that the way he survived a shootout was having a back-up gun for his back-up gun.  When it comes to self-defense, we should all have back-up self-defense plans.

Obviously I’m a strong advocate of women using a firearm for self—defense, but a firearm isn’t always available…such as in an airport, school, or some churches.  Heck, even Blockbusters has a “no gun” policy (which is why I do business with Hollywood Video and Netflix instead).  In spite of these ridiculous gun free zones, you should not have to feel vulnerable.  The use of a firearm for defense, while ideal, is only one of three areas of self-defense.  The first area is obviously firearms.  This includes handguns, shotguns, and rifles, in that order.

Photo c/o Photo c/o

The next area of self defense is the use of practical weapons such as weapons that extend, project or pose the opportunity to be used as a weapon, in that order.

Asp Baton photo c/o

Asp Baton photo c/o

Objects that extend give you distance between you and your attacker. They also allow you to use the extension to carry more force behind the necessary strike. These objects may be a kubatan, an Asp, or even a baseball bat.  A pocket knife is technically an extension weapon, but not ideal as it requires the closest of encounters.

Objects that project are weapons such as pepper spray, mace, or a taser.  These items still allow you some distance, but don’t necessarily have the ideal stopping power as a weapon on extension.

Objects of occasion take a little bit of forethought and education.  Keys for example.  If you hold your keys when you walk out to your car, one in between each finger, you’ve got the makings of a good weapon should you have a close encounter.  Recently a woman leaving a McDonald’s late at night spotted an armed, masked male crouching by her car and used her panic button on her car as a weapon, successfully frightening the would-be assailant away.  The heel of a high-heeled shoe (used to strike an assailant—not to throw it at one), a tightly wrapped magazine or newspaper (has the leverage and penetration power of most kubatons if wrapped tightly enough), a belt (to

Photo care of

Photo care of

strangle, leverage an arm), a purse strap (to strangle or leverage an arm), a pen (to penetrate an eye or the neck or the chest), and even a credit card (used in a slicing motion against an assailants face)—all of these are weapons of occasion.  I’ve specifically prepared my mind to view such “weapons” in a dual-use sense.  Meaning that when I purchase a pen, I specifically make sure it’s strong enough to handle an event in which I may have to use it as a weapon, not just for writing “I Heart My Husband”.  (My 50 caliber casing that’s been made into a pen serves nicely for this purpose. *wink* )  When I purchase a purse, I want to make sure that the straps are long and sturdy enough for me to use it as a defensive weapon as well.

The last group of defensive weapons is essentially the lack of a weapon—your body.  Unarmed survival such as the use of strikes, leveraging or grappling may be the only thing you’re left with if you’ve been caught completely unprepared and unarmed.  Knowing where your first strike should be, knowing how to leverage your body to break an arm or to throw an assailant off of you, or knowing how to keep a calm head so that you can escape a ground grappling scenario is critical. And since it may be your last hope, it’s important that you give some time and attention to learning a few simple and memorable strategies. The key here is simple and memorable.   Not a “crouching tiger which turns into a dinosaur which turns into a bee” kind of move.

While I carry more than one firearm on me “just in case,” I also utilize all THREE components of self-defense for backup.  I’m not about to let a gun free zone or any other unarmed state catch me off guard.  You too should spend some time learning what you can do with alternative weapons of opportunity and those that God has given you.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.  

7 Responses

  1. Good article on alternative weapons and how to use them.

  2. Interesting that you have a pic of a high heeled shoe in this entry. I was just thinking yesterday, “If I had to run, fast, to get away from a bad situation, could I do it in these shoes?” Of course the answer was no, and I wasn’t even wearing spike heels! At least with spikes, you have a ready-made self-defense weapon!


    • Yes, and you can kick them off if a run is necessary. I figure if I stop wearing high-heeled shoes just because some other people abuse their own freedoms, then I’ve already let them win.

  3. Next to a firearm, I think mace or pepper spray should be a ladies next line of defense

    • I’d personally go for the Asp next, but then again, I’m very comfortable with that. Then the pepper spray. Thanks for your comment, Mike.

  4. While guns are certainly necessary to fight revolutions, they’re almost useless for most self defense purposes. In most cases a good chop to the throat or a shot to the stomach or groin will do what needs to be done, and in the most efficient manner. My self defense strategy works from the inside out and in order of probable availability, such as this :

    1) Body weapons such as fists, knees and feet.

    2) Knives and pepper spray.

    3) Guns

    I can tell you from painful experience and extensive research that a strong women doesn’t need a weapon in order to make a guy rethink his intentions. Check out my blog and see for yourself…….

    I’m not knocking the necessity for guns but I just feel that physical training and knives are much more important than firearms for personal safety.

    BTW, don’t start the revolution without me! LOL!!!!

    • I agree that women need to know about these tactics, but I think you’re thinking about able-bodied women. I just trained 2 grandmas in my last class. I dont’ believe in fighting a battle that you “might” win. I got for a win each and every time. My skills, mental readiness, and my Glock ensure that I have the best option of winning.

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