My Wish – 100,000 Women Strong » 100000-fireworks

Will you be one of the 100,000?


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  1. I just finished the CCP class and I’m all pumped about learning more. We own a Glock 22 but we’d like to get another gun to practice with but also have good use for it. Do you suggest a certain gun? Do you offer any classes on self defense other than CCP class?
    Also, How do you store your gun(s) at home? And I’ve heard that Galco holsters are a nice brand… any opinion on that?

    Thanks for all your knowledge and willingness to share. It’s liberating!

    • Jaime, Glad you’ve finished that step. I highly recommend women carrying a Glock 9. I store my on my hip and in my purse. 🙂 But I also have gun safes, including a bio-safe which will only open up with a fingerprint swipe.
      I also a class particularly for women to help them to be able to shoot ONLY what they are aiming at, in a quick draw fashion…about the size of a quarter 7 yards out. I’ll keep you posted on when we’ll start those back up the first of the new year. Take care!!!

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