An AK-47 for Home Defense?

Hmm… worth considering.

See the full article at


6 Responses

  1. I have to say that that guy has guts. In typical biased fashion, the reporter clearly wanted to squash the idea of any lawful gun ownership. Drives me crazy. 😦

    Great find, Kellene!

  2. I posted something on this as well, for it just made my blood boil in the way he was treated.

    To say that one shouldn’t sell guns and mention God in the same sentence…

    • Yes, but he handled it SO darn well! “you don’t have a problem with God do you?” “Do you think God wouldn’t want us to defend ourselves?” It was PERFECT!

  3. a “Semi-assault weapon?” Stupid anchors bring down our national IQ by about all.

    Legal civilian ones are semi-AUTOMATIC (which can save on ammo costs at the range), and an assault weapon is often classified by burst or automatic fire in a cartridge between a full rifle and pistol/SMG cartridge.

    And God told the Jews to slaughter everyone in Jericho, I don’t think he has a problem with guns. Oh, plus in Armaggeddon (excuse my spelling) nonbelievers will have their eyes eaten by carrion birds, before, during, and after death.

    Guns just means the turkey vultures can eat in peace.

    And best reasons for an AK for home-defense? Cheap, simple, needs less skill in aiming and use than a pistol, and has more bludgeoning abilities (Gotta love wood stocks). You can do anything to that weapon and unless you don’t have a magazine in it, it will fire.

    And last thing compared to a pistol or AR? Cartridge may not (I’m not entirely sure) penetrate as much as say, a 9mm, and definitely not as much as .223 remington.

  4. For awhile the AK was my only rifle in the trailer. I would be more inclined to grab a shotgun or a pistol but the AK with a mag full of HP ammo was near by.

  5. wow where do you start, you have to be brought up in a special environment to be that lopsided and blind, she needs special education to bring her up to speed, the myth that an ak47 has some special evil powers is stupid, she would love to have an ak47 after a murdering thug would rape her or kill someone she loved …. she also thinks God is mr rodgers???

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