2nd Amendment Rights for Sale

By Kellene Bishop

Are your 2nd Amendment rights for sale? Photo c/o highdesert

Are your 2nd Amendment rights for sale? Photo c/o highdesert

Are your 2nd Amendment rights for sale? If they were, would you sell them for as little as $10.50, $3.50 or even 99 cents? Well, there are sure a lot of us doing that right now as we give businesses who CLEARLY object to your 2nd Amendment rights and yet provide you with NO alternative to protecting yourself in their environments. I’m sure that if you thought about it, you would refuse to give your business to those who actively provided criminals with drugs, cash, prostitutes, and other props they need for their crime sprees, right? Then why would you think of supporting these same businesses in providing criminals with pools of defenseless citizens as well? Drugs or defenseless citizenry. It’s all the same. It benefits the criminals and leaves the law-abiding citizens punished for a “crime” of honor and responsibility.

2nd Amendment Rights for Sale: Case #1 — AMC, Cinemark and Regal Theaters. I noticed yesterday when I went to a matinee that they now post a sign on one of their entrance doors barring any firearms. Needless to say, I don’t care for the scenario of being in a dark, overcrowded room with people I don’t know, whose lack of consideration for others has depleted dramatically in years past. I’ve seen fist fights break out over something as simple as saved seats. In addition, each of these theaters have donated heavily to anti-gun campaigns. PAH=LEEZE. They have pimply faced teenagers in charge of “security” at these places. I don’t trust them to protect me and my family in any way shape, or form. I assure you if push comes to shove, they are the first ones hitting the deck to save their own bacon. And if the Supreme Court has ruled that even your local police department is under no obligation to protect the citizens, what makes you think that a non- living/breathing business entity will do so? (Oh, and if you need any more fodder, read my article on how the movie theaters have little regard for your health as well—flu season be damned.) In this case, your 2nd Amendment rights are sold for the cost of a movie ticket.

You may want to check with the laws in your state. In some states it’s meaningless for a theater to post such a sign. In other states, such signs have some very strict criteria, i.e.: how big they have to be, where they have to be placed, etc. But I’m telling you. All of this garbage makes the dollar theaters and Netflix look a lot more attractive to me.

Three Suspects in Attempted Murder at a Blockbuster Video in St. Petersburg, FL 2008

2nd Amendment Rights for Sale: Case #2 — Blockbuster Video. Don’t be surprised if you see a sign posted on a Blockbuster Video also prohibiting you from entering their “private property” with a handgun. Regardless of whether you’re legally carrying it or not, they would prefer to only show violent movies instead of having you prevent violence in your family. Do a search on “Blockbuster Video shooting” and “Blockbuster Video Robbery” and see just how safe you may feel in this unconstitutionally established gun-free zone. Is your life really worth the price of renting a video? Folks, you can pay a buck to Red Box and not surrender your rights of self-defense. Heck, if you do a search for “Red Box Code” you can even get your movie for FREE! Surely your safety is worth more than the price of a 2-hour entertainment escape. Netflix and Red Box keep looking better and better, folks. “Announcing: 2nd Amendment rights purchased for the cost of renting Cinderalla II.”

2nd Amendment Rights for Sale: Case #3 — Google is vehemently committed to being anti-gun. (What do you really expect for a couple of guys who never had to pay a real price for success?) Google liberally allows an unbridled range of pornographic ads and also takes no responsibility for the veracity of their postings, but hey, when it comes to posting ads for the sale of guns OR ammunition, they draw the line. Wow. I’m sure their mothers are proud. Use the alternative search engines such as AskJeeves.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com. Well Google, since you don’t verify the factuality of anything, allow me to point out to all of my readers that you are a BEHEMOTH contender when it comes to funding international anti-guns and anti-self-defense propaganda.

2nd-amendment-rights-mcdonalds-hatin-it2nd Amendment Rights for Sale: Case #4 — McDonald’s. Not only does McDonald’s refuse to use meat produced in the U.S. where it has significantly better health guidelines than the “Grade G for Garbage” meat it purchases from South America, McDonald’s is decidedly against you being able to defend yourself in the vicinity of one of their locations. This is quite disturbing to me since so many Americans are drawn to take a break at McDonald’s along their long road travels throughout the U.S. I believe that when traveling long distances, one is especially vulnerable to criminal encounters and thus should indeed have the protection that the 2nd Amendment ensures them. McDonald’s doesn’t stop at just publishing their anti-gun agenda. They also put their money where their mouths are and have donated over $500 million to anti-gun organizations over the last 15 years!! By the way, they also support many anti-hunting initiatives as well as anti-fishing. So much for thinking there’s REAL fish in the Filet-o-Fish fillets. Wouldn’t you rather support a local fast food place where you know they don’t have the money and power to buy tainted South American meat? I personally have fallen in love with a place near me called Emmett & Ethel’s. Not only is everything fresh, but they don’t even freeze their meats! The fish, the burgers, the fries, the hand-battered onion rings all make my mouth water. When is the last time McDonald’s made YOUR mouth water? Really. Your 2nd amendment rights are definitely worth more than the price of a Happy Meal. (Oh, and by the way, they have less “meat” in their “meat” than even Taco Bell! See here🙂

There is a litany of many more businesses that I could address for you, but that’s not really the point of my article. My point is that if you care about your ability to defend yourself, check up on the businesses that you give your money to. Otherwise you’re unknowingly sending your money directly to the criminals and anti-gun groups. As for me, I refuse to PAY these kinds of businesses to take away my 2nd Amendment rights. Let’s stop complaining about the government taxing us when we willingly allow these businesses to rape and pillage away our freedoms voluntarily.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


14 Responses

  1. Many moons ago, Blockbusters across Florida wallpapered their doors with Gun Free Zone stickers. Back then the former owner of the Miami Dolphins Wayne Huizenga was also the owner of Blockbuster. Said what you want about him, he is the kind of guy that if you a fax addressed to him with a complaint, chances were you would hear from him back…personally. In at least 2 cases that I know of, Huzienga called people who complained about the stores becoming GFZ and soon after a memo was distributed to the stores ordering the removal of any sign prohibiting Law Abiding Citizens their right to carry a concealed weapon in the stores. It pains me to see that Blockbuster has reverted to its original stupid “safe” position.

    • Just FYI, you are correct. There is no such rating in the U.S. as Grade D meat. McDonalds obtains the majority of their meat from South America. As a former manager for McDonalds I’m keenly aware of this.
      Follow up coming when I’ve finally got the time to write the whole expose.

  2. Kellene,

    I agree with you about the movie theaters.

    That is why I drive 20 extra minutes to go to the Rave Motion Picture location in my area. They don’t post their theaters so they get my business.

  3. Several Years ago I shopped Tuesday Morning for tools and cooking items as I was then chef for a major national ins. company. that all stopped when they posted no-firearms allowed. I have not been back since.

  4. Rules that a business posts at the door are not laws….. Breaking those rules will not result in arrest, but you may be asked to leave. If you are concealed carry, nobody is going to know anyway, which is the way it should be.
    I agree though, do not patronize a business that does not support your 2nd amendment rights. Good article.

  5. I for one will not allow a hand gun.rifle or shotgun in my private residence. McDonald’s is a private business. The 2nd amment only garanties you aholes the right to own them. Not to carry them where ever the hell YOU want.

    • Well, I’m certain that any would-be assailant will respect that opinion when they trespass into your home. Surely you have a sign posted that says “no guns allowed”, right? Because I’m sure that if you were to post such a notice, they wouldn’t trouble you at all.

    • Needless to say, I do not tolerate cowards, let alone foolish ones at that. If you can’t even be man enough to be a real person when you post, I doubt that you could have any significant influence on whether or not those persons around you carry guns. By the way, clearly you do not know what the word “bear” means. Look it up in the dictionary. Perhaps you’ll then be able to see the significance of the words “keep and bear arms.” If you don’t care for our constitution here, don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact even our own President isn’t fond of it. But I’m sure that you’ll find a nice group of mind-numbed individuals in a number of socialistic and communistic countries elsewhere in the world. You’ll fit right in.
      Oh, and by the way, since I do not tolerate cowards, you will be banned from spewing your toxic diatribe on my blog in the future.

    • I disagree with you. The 2nd amendment says “the right to keep and bear arms.” If that’s not carry, whenever & wherever, I don’t know what is. Also, when you get attacked some day, I hope one of us aholes will be around to help save your sorry butt!

  6. Hey joeschmo,
    Here’s hoping that your “residence” suffers a home invasion, and not mine. (It’ll likely turn out better for the criminal(s) also, but life isn’t perfect.)
    BTW, you claim to be opposed to gun rights for ordinary mortals. BUT, do you have enough faith in the goodness of civilian disarmament to put up a sign declaring your “residence” to be a “GUN-FREE ZONE” on your front lawn? (Yep, that’s what I thought.)

  7. Brendan G.,
    You made a really good point cause I bet that joeschmo doesn’t go around telling everybody in America “hey I don’t allow guns in my home”. I have been raised around guns my entire life, my dad is a huge gun collector and carries his handgun with him EVERYWHERE!! No sign on the door is gonna stop him from carrying his gun in with him. I want to put a sign in joeschmo’s yard that says “My house is unarmed, my neighbors who do own guns will not use their guns to protect me or my family and and btw if you break in I can’t fight back!”

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