Hone Your Natural Instincts

By Kellene Bishop

Ladies, it’s important that we control our bodies in a stressful encounter and not the other way around. The ability to do so may certainly make the difference between life and death.

Photo c/o hoboken411.com

Photo c/o hoboken411.com

For example, when a woman sees a gun pointed at her, her natural instinct is usually to scream and put her hands up in a manner of surrender—not keep them hidden and think. On the contrary, I have literally practiced handing my purse over to someone, PRETENDING to be a weak basket case and shooting my gun through my purse. That’s presence of mind that can protect your life. (Obviously, you would NEVER practice shooting a gun AT a human being. There’s no such thing a dress rehearsal for that.) I’ve also practiced pulling my asp from its hiding place as well as being prepared with other defensive devices.

Secondly, much like the Pink Panther movies, my husband regularly gives me practice of self-defense by startling me around the house. I have learned not to scream, throw my hands up flailing, and back away. I’ve instead learned to instinctively to go into “fight” mode, rather than “flight” mode. As a preferred target of criminals, it’s critical that we hone our natural instincts. After seeing many a woman fight viciously to protect their own child, I’m convinced that we were not programmed to flake out and crumble in a confrontation.

Austin thieves caught on a webcam. Photo c/o austinist.com

Austin thieves caught on a webcam. Photo c/o austinist.com

We also have practiced and thoroughly discussed what will happen IF someone were to charge unwelcomed into our home, or even our bedroom, at night while we are sleeping. We have practiced our efforts many times so that we know where the firearms are, where the strongholds are, playing possum when appropriate, etc.

This is called training. You don’t need to go to boot camp to accomplish this level of skill and awareness. You simply need to create your own disciplined mental and some physical training scenarios to better prepare yourself.

As you hone your natural instincts and run through these kinds of real-life scenarios, you will find that you’ll surround yourself with a stronger sense of peace and confidence rather than “whatever happens, will happen.”

Copyright 2009 Women of Caliber and Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Women of Caliber and Kellene Bishop.


6 Responses

  1. Although he has been anti gun, I’ve heard he is coming around Gavin Debeckers book the Gift of Fear addresses this, it’s just hard to get around his bias when he authored the book

  2. Good points.

    If you don’t have your handgun in your purse, immediately grab the side of the gun and turn it 180 degrees toward his trigger finger.

    Ideally, his finger will snap just before the round hits him in the throat.

    Then, just walk away and go about your business.

    … and Have a Nice Day

  3. […] has a slide-show of pictures from a home break-in. Here’s the accompanying article. (h/t to Kellene) Apparently the Austin homeowners had installed a webcam to be able to watch their dogs during the […]

  4. So I saw online the other day a website of conceal carry purses. Is this the kind of purse that you use so that you can easily access the gun without looking like you are? I looked to see if you’ve talked about these purses or how to react when in a situation and your gun is in your purse. I didn’t see anything. Hopefully I’m not asking about something you’ve already covered, but I’d love to hear what your thought are on this.


    Mrs. Fuzz

    • Yes, some of those purses are good for that. But I figure that the bad guy will want money from me, so I’ll have an excuse to reach into my purse anyway. Reach in, pull the trigger. If you’ve got a semi-auto, you’ll only have one shot. If you’ve got a revolver, you’re likely to have more shots available due to the mechanisms catching.

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