A True Best Friend

By Kellene Bishop


A true best friend is always by my side. Photo c/o Accurate Shooter

Will Rogers once said that strangers were friends he hadn’t met yet. With this in mind, I can’t help but wonder why it is so foreign for women to handle a firearm. Mine is definitely one of my best friends. Why?

I can trust this best friend to be reliable—to never flake out on me.

I can trust this best friend to protect my children, myself, and my loved ones.

This best friend will dependably fight for freedom and liberty for me.

I can rely on this best friend to stand for right over might.

This best friend is always available and by my side. 

This best friend strengthens my physical weaknesses against enemies, foreign or domestic.

This best friend enables me to preserve life when others may desire to take it.

Other than my husband, I have a hard time finding any other friend that I can say these things about. So ladies, my I suggest that you introduce yourself to Mr. Glock, Mr. Smith and Wesson, or any other Mr. soon and make a new friend?

Copyright 2009 Women of Caliber and Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Women of Caliber and Kellene Bishop.


4 Responses

  1. Almost made me cry. Nice post.

  2. I just found you on twitter and I really like your posts. I have a question about where to conceal your carry. I’m 5’10,and 138 lbs,somewhat long waisted. Most of my jeans are low on the hips so the IWB is neither a good look or very comfortable. I looked at the SmartCarry which has an adjustable velcro strap.I believe this is intended for a deep conceal carry (which actually might work for the summer when I wear cotton flowy skirts w/ stretchy waistbands) but I’m thinking it might work at my natural waist, outside of my pants with a covering shirt. I would appreciate your comments on this and any suggestions you have.

  3. Every girl who needs protection should definitely own a piece but she should be proficient with her piece so as not to shoot someone’s a** off by mistake.

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