Finally a Dispatcher Gets it Right

As posted on World Net Daily today, I was pleased to read all of the logic and decorum an American citizen could hope for in the account of this home invasion.

Kudos to the dispatcher (female even) for not villifying the woman for defending herself.

Kudos to the husband who had taken time to make sure that everyone in the home knew how to use the shotgun.  It’s says a lot if a woman can competently use a firearm, in the dark, under stressful circumstances.  Not only that, but the report says that one shot was fired. Clearly this woman knew what she was doing.

And finally, kudos to the woman for having a moral fiber through it all. It was quite apparent that she had no desire to take this man’s life and would have loved to have avoided doing so. But such was not to be. She had to use her own agency in order to handle the consequences of another person wrongfully using his own. 

I hope that everyone who has cause to use a firearm for self defense can be armed not only with the knowledge and skill of its operation, but with the moral fortitude that this woman displayed as well.


4 Responses

  1. Oh, gosh. This is my worst nightmare.
    I’m kind of shocked to read such supportive statements from everyone in the article that you linked, and isn’t that sad? You NEVER hear stuff like that anymore. It seems that the media is always trying their hardest to vilify anyone who owns a weapon, let alone those that are forced to use them in self-defense. ‘That’s what the police are for’, the old argument goes, but what of cases such as this, where the police ARE called and simply don’t arrive in time?
    I’m glad that both the dispatcher and the sheriff appear to have their heads on straight. My heart goes out to that brave woman and also to the family of the man who was killed. It’s a terrible thing when drugs and alcohol lead a person to such an end.

  2. 27 minutes… 27 minutes was the response time. And you know the cops were hauling to get there. You are the First responder 100% of the times. I do hope she recovers from such a trauma.

  3. I’ve read this account in at least two other sites; I’m sorry for the woman (that she had to defend herself when she so obviously didn’t want to kill someone). I am glad that the Sheriff was understanding and that the Dispatcher was supportive. I am glad the woman is still alive to be loved by her husband and family. I hope she recovers and can live a healthy and happy life. I wish her many more years with her loved ones.

    I am sorry for the family of the criminal but I am NOT sorry for him! Had he lived through this ordeal, I very much doubt that he would have “learned anything” from his experience (and could very well have been more “hardened” next time around).

  4. The right for arms in the home is justified. The woman who defended her home was a brave woman.
    There have been arms since before time and people used them to defend themselves.
    King David not only defended himself; He also defended his kingdom against the intruding enemy with a sling shot, as well as with spears.
    Had he known of guns in those days, He would have used them.

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