11 Year Old Fends Off Robbers with .22 Rifle

Interesting story breaking today. This is exaclty why I believe in educating children on the proper use of firearms.  Firearms are life saving tools, not toys with a reset button. Other than the journalist being pathetic in his/her writing, this article says a great deal about the maturity of the parents who educated their son on the proper use and place of firearms.  Trigger locks and safes did not save this woman’s life. A knowldegable 11 year old son did who was even able to get an effective shot off AFTER he himself had been shot!   Way to go, kid and parents!



4 Responses

  1. This from the article found at the Weblink above, “Criminal charges are expected to be filed against him, if he survives…”

    Good for you kid – do you realize that you probably saved your mother’s life, health, and sanity?

  2. Yeah. Nice! Also nice to see a post here!!

  3. great blog! Mind if I put a link to it on my page ? -Sonja

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