Ladies, Put Them on Notice

I was encouraged today to read of an 89 year-old Iowa woman who fired on a would-be burglar at her home. Yup. She hit him and he was injured.  She attempted to warn him that he had the wrong house but his alternate haze wouldn’t permit him to heed the warning. So, she did exactly what she warned him she would do.  She shot him with a handgun.

As I read this article, I couldn’t help but with wish that more women would step up to the plate to warn their would-be attackers, robbers, and murderers that they will not hesitate to fire if their life or well-being is threatened.  I particularly am concerned with the younger women who are so distracted with texting and using their cellphones when they should be more aware of their surroundings. The education and the permits do little good if they are not backed up by the mental fortitude to use them if necessary.  I say now is the time to put all would-be criminals on notice that women refuse to be the prey any longer.  The statistic that one in five women will be the victim of rape is not acceptable to me. The preference of attackers to choose “helpless” women is unrealistic to me.  How about you?

As for me: would-be criminals, consider yourself politely warned.

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  1. Got my gun. Took my class. Application ready to turn in. My big worry is the lawsuit that will ensue if I ever manage to hit that home invader. Any thoughts Kellene?

    • In many states there is a “Castle Doctrine” which means your “home is your castle”.

      Wait until they are in your home and then drop them like 4th quarter calculus.

  2. BTW, the article says he was uninjured. Lucky he was easily scared.

  3. Be sure you have good homeowners insurance that will pay for your attorney. So far no state has yet limited the right for you to defend yourself in your home. Perhaps the key is to make sure that your aim is straight and to the point?

  4. Remember an old saying, “It’s better to be tried by 12 than to be carried by 6…”

    I also wish that more (especially more women) would take the time and effort to buy a gun and learn how to use it safely (for her) and effectively (against him or them).

  5. I was really pleased that the Des Moines police reloaded her gun for her and gave her advise.

  6. All I can say is Good for her!

    I agree that there are too many women that walk around totally unaware of their surroundings. Before I got into Krav Maga (6 yrs ago) I was always aware of my surroundings.

    More women should get involved in some type of self defense system because “it is a life saver” and even learning to shoot a firearm is a plus.
    Take the CCW course, learn how your weapon works and be diligent about practicing at a local gun range.

    Train Hard Go Home Safe

    The following website maybe helpful for anyone with questions about
    carrying or what your rights are.

    • If all women were to arm themselves, there would be no rames and few women who were victims of domestic violence.

  7. I’m glad that the single shot was all it took. Very fortunate.

  8. Sometimes, “a single shot” is all that it takes.

    For those occasions when more than one is required, well, that’s why they make revolvers and semi-auto pistols.

    I agree with Kellene, I too “wish that more women would step up to the plate to warn their would-be attackers, robbers, and murderers that they will not hesitate to fire if their life or well-being is threatened.”

    Even one is too many and the numbers that do ‘allow’ it to happen to themselves because they “fear” an inanimate object (a gun) more than they fear a cold, often emotionless, frequently sociopathic or psychotic man is heart-breaking…

  9. Glad she is okay,and that the bad guy learned a lesson. Don’t mess with armed citizens.

    I also hopes her grand kids buy her a better door and put it on for her – as good grand kids should do.

  10. Love your site, Kellene! I own a revolver and have a shotgun next to my bed. I carry pepper spray on my keychain and also have a stun gun. Many women are afraid of using lethal self-defense, unfortunately. So for many, non-lethal forms, like pepper spray and stun guns, are a better choice. It’s funny, though, even though guns are legal in all States, pepper spray and stun guns are not. To find out if pepper spray and/or stun guns are illegal or restricted in your State, simply go to, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find a link on the left side of the page. We all need to consider what we are comfortable with and take action. Educate yourself about self-defense and then DO something about it!

  11. A couple of winters ago there was an article in my old home town paper and it was a story about a Granny who shot her would be burglar. I loved the quote they used in the article that went something like this…I’m so glad my son got me the gun for Christmas this year. It was the first time I ever used any present he’s ever gotten me . You’ve got to love those Grannys!

  12. Way to go for the old lady!
    Young ladies out there should be inspired by an article like this,women should be prepared and cautious today.

  13. Good for her! I wish she could have got a few more rounds in him…

  14. I really don’t own a gun, but I do really have an idea the proper way of using it. As a gun-owner, one must have to take the risk with the possibilities upon carrying that kind of weapon. For sometimes this kind of stuff will enable us to defend ourselves or mistakenly can kill a human. This kind of thing must be kept safe in order to avoid such injuries and troubles.

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