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Kellene Bishop is the director of training for Women of Caliber and the mind behind the Women of Caliber blog.  In addition, she also writes for several other blogs:


  • Preparedness Pro provides quality, panic free preparedness education covering all 10 Principles of Preparedness  including food storage and personal preparedness within the family and community
  • Kellene Bishop addresses the U.S. Constitution, public policies and politics worldwide
  • Freedom Intelligence is your online news source for in-depth undiluted truth regarding the state of our nation.



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15 Responses

  1. I most definitely blog, Kellene. I have a popular blog that began as a writer’s and emerged into a political blog. I’m so happy I found yours. I’ll link it to mine.

    Any way I can help your Women of Caliber movement, all you have to do is ask.

    Have a great day! The sun is shining, it’s beautiful out there and I’m riding high on President Monson’s “Fear not, the future is as bright as your faith.”


  2. Would love for you to be on a radio show of ours and discuss what you do an how you help other women

    please email me anytime

  3. Informative and excellent blog!

  4. Kellene, I didn’t know you were preparadness pro also. You are sure prolific in your writing. Not that I didn’t respect the heck out of what you were doing already but I am officially impressed.

    • Well, in that case, I’m officially grateful that you enjoy them both. That’s how I got started with firearms, is due to my passion about being prepared.

  5. Kellene,

    Attended your solar cooking class at Macey’s last night, and went home and ordered a solar oven. Thanks for opening this new door.

    . Went to your blog(s) today, and saw how much we have in common – I’ve got to get to know you better! Love all the great liks you provide – thanks!

    I’m interested in learning more – when are you teaching Women of Calibre classes? I also have some resources you might be interested in.

    Tried to find you on Facebook, but nothing showed up, even under Preparedness Pro.

  6. Looking forward to meeting you when you come do the Pocatello Women of Caliber class Oct. 24th! Sounds like we have a lot in common.


  7. […] addition to her posts on the Women of Caliber blog, she also actively blogs on other sites that are dedicated to providing information about our constitution, the state of our nation and […]

  8. Ms. Bishop. Hi, I read your article about stamping out the myth that 9mm is not an effective defense caliber. My wife Erica has a Beretta 92 fs and she carries a Kahr CW9. She is very proficient with both of them, and I am confident that if she needed to defend herself she would have the best chance with a pistol she can control. I bought a 45 when I got my first semi automatic handgun. I have always listened to my dad’s advice, and he thinks that anything less than a 45 is just going to bounce off of someone. He often carries a 38 though!!! I have had pistols in most of the popular defense calibers, and now my primary carry weapon is a Glock 19. I also have a 357 snub that I carry when deeper concealment is necessary. People mistrust the capabilities of the 9mm because early on in it’s use it sometimes failed. 9mm was under a microscope at that time, because Americans were fond of the 45 that had served our military for so long. In one of the major gun publications I read an account of two Texas rangers who lost a gunfight with a felon who was armed with a 25 acp. They both had Colt commanders in 45 acp. One officer was killed and the other narrowly escaped with his life by throwing his empty pistol at the assailant and quickly finding cover. There is also the story of Mark Coates who got 5 solid center mass hits on a suspect with a 357 magnum, and was still killed by the bad guy with one 22 bullet from a mini revolver. My point is that if you look hard enough you will find spectacular failures no matter what caliber you examine. You just have to train to the best of your ability and pray that you won’t ever need to use the skills you develop. 9mm shines here too because it is the cheapest centerfire handgun ammunition available, which permits more practice. Thank you for the excellent article, and we wish you the best of luck in dispelling the ignorance of the caliber wars. My wife and I will visit your site often.
    Regards, Chris

  9. Just started reading on this site. I’m trying to find out if you teach self defense classes or firearms classes. I can’t seem to find it on the site. I would be very interested in either of these.

    • Kathleen, just e-mail us through the “contact us” section of the site.
      We teach private lessons so there’s not a set schedule. You schedule your day of training.

  10. Keep up the excellent work! We need more women teaching other women how to use guns and defend themselves.

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