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6 Responses

  1. Your blog inspires me -I am a mother of three boys and have been shooting-hunting with my husband
    since 2002.I have learned so much from my man about guns-but it is very refreshing to hear there are other women out there that care and actually shoot guns. Saftey and knowledge are very important when it comes to handling any type of rifle or pistol. We are trying to teach our son’s all about the safety and responsibiltys of guns.Too many children are curious and get hurt becasue there is no supervision or teaching from the parents. We have a son who will be turning 11 in June and he has aspergers syndrome a type of autism.He wants to learn how to shoot and do it regularly but he lacks the responsibility of handling it w/o constant supervision-hopefully one day he will be able to shoot and hunt by himself-we have to have alot of patience with him.Thanks again

    • Stacie, I wish you the very best of well-being in teaching your 11 year old son! And I’m glad to hear that you are truly a “free” American.

  2. Hello,

    We’ve just accidentally found your blog and your organization. Great! We completely share your view and would like to help and work together.
    As you can see our (’s) goals are well aligned: helping women through education, training, empowerment to protect themselves.
    We are half commercial (our webstore), half informational (our blog:
    We have more than 30,000 customers so far, nationwide.
    Let’s work together and develop strategies to benefit both our companies in a synergistic way.
    What do you say?
    We already follow you on Twitter, we are just started there (

    We look forward to starting the dialog going and do good things together!

    Al Werrh,

  3. Hello, I stumbled upon your site today.
    My brother and uncle own a gun shop in Georgia, and I am proud to say that on the nights when I am there I love it the most when women come in interested in owning their own firearm. I myself first began my story as a practice range junkie at the tender age of 9, with my brothers .22. Your site is beyond inspiring, it is empowering. As the shops web designer I made sure to place a link back to here. Thank you for your hard work!

  4. Hi Ladies,
    I am the only female in the Gunsmithing school in Trinidad CO. I would like to build my business about the needs of female gun owners. I would like to hear from you so I can begin to build a business plan. I also do leatherwork so incorporating that into the plan as well. I am currently Canary Leather but will be changing my name to Canary Smith and Leather.

  5. I just found your BLOG and love it! More women should be encouraged to take up shooting sports and self defense. Thanks for everything you do! I can’t wait to dig into this site a littel more.

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