Getting it Right the First Time

By Kellene Bishop

Start out with your ideal weapon of choice. Photo c/o

Start out with your ideal weapon of choice. Photo c/o

I’ve had many comments come to me that a new woman shooter should “start out” with a revolver.  I have nothing against a revolver, however, I vehemently object to a woman purchasing and practicing with something other than their ideal tool of self-defense. 

A revolver may be an ideal firearm for a woman, but until they have tried other firearms, they will not know this.  For many women, just taking the step to finally own a firearm is a big one and a financial sacrifice as well.  So why advise a woman to do it “half way” or “incompletely?”  Why can’t she start out with her ideal weapon of choice? 

Ladies, make use of the firing ranges in your area to try out various kinds of guns.  Don’t settle.  Make your first purchase count.  Yes, your tolerance of the firepower may change later on down the road, but one of the reasons why I counsel you to practice with different firearms is to help in this process.  Get THE gun that feels good in your hand and in whatever manner in which you’re going to store it (preferably on your person).  This way you will be sure to make your practice and your shots count.  A gun is one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on.  It’s there to save your life.  You want to learn to “dance” with it expertly, not constantly switch it up based on the latest hype.  Get it right the first time, at least as much as possible.

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