What YOU Can Do To Protect Others

By Kellene Bishop

protect-others-thomas-paineThis week I’ve been impressed with the power of what an individual can accomplish. It only took 2 people to completely annihilate a corrupt organization of ACORN that even high powered politicians wouldn’t/couldn’t do. Thomas Paine was one person who changed the face of our nation forever with nothing more than his desire to share his opinion with whoever would read it. I could go on and on with great examples of individuals who have literally made our world a much better place. 

I was surprised to discover recently that some women simply feel like they can’t defend themselves, by themselves. As a result, they are less inclined to try and learn the skills necessary to defend themselves effectively. The fact of the matter is, lives are saved by individuals every single day. Sure you hear of policemen, firemen, and single soldiers saving a life, but everyday citizens have the same joy of doing so as well. 

There’s a saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I find that true in my life frequently. I think some people just figure that they will protect themselves when the time comes without having to do anything now to prepare for it. However, it’s simply not true in that millisecond of panic, chaos and action—that moment which manifests the need for a life-saving or protecting of your own or someone else’s life. The good news is that lives are successfully protected when there is the proper mindset and some skills put into place before the scenario presents itself. And in most instances, a horrific confrontation is eliminated altogether because an easy, vulnerable mark has been transformed into a more difficult target and thus eliminated from the view of the prey. Knowledge and skill is responsible for that transformation. So please! GET SOME!

Photo c/o F.O.P. Range Inc.

Are you an easy target? Photo c/o F.O.P. Range Inc.

Having the knowledge to protect yourself is not only realistic, it’s necessary—not so that you can successfully pull a gun and fire in the right moment, but so that you never have to. I may be under-tall, overweight, and out of shape, but in spite of portraying an otherwise “easy mark,” I can guarantee you that the confidence and skills I carry inside of me successfully deter uncommitted criminals on a regular basis. Let’s fact it. Criminals aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. They are lazy by nature. Unfortunately there are far too many “easy targets” for them that risking their life or their “freedom” is just not worth it when they can choose between an aware and confident mark and an oblivious, sluggish one.

The other night I had just finished up an errand at a pharmacy that I went to out of convenience. I wouldn’t have necessarily picked this location for its safety, etc. But my GPS said that it was the closest one and I was trying to save some time in a city that was unfamiliar to me. This particular area has experienced a rash of Oxycodone robberies at pharmacies lately. I was sitting in my car checking through my purchases and a man caught my eyes. He was in his late-20s, wearing dark clothes, head shaved, with dark glasses (at 8:30 at night) and was carrying a heavy-laden backpack. He didn’t appear to be “student age” to me and to be perfectly honest, he just plain looked creepy. As he walked in front of my car, I didn’t alter my view in an attempt to not let him know I was looking at him. Instead, I looked him dead on when he noticed me, calmly, my head following his path of travel every step of the way. He looked me right in the eyes and smirked– a creepy sly look. I watched him as he proceeded to the door of the pharmacy, paused, looked over his shoulder at me, and then proceeded to walk past the door. I then decided to pull my car out, and drive around the back of the building to see what he was doing on the other side. To be honest, I drew my firearm as I was coming around the back of the building, just in case, keeping it low and in my lap. The guy hovered around the other side of the pharmacy building for a moment, and then walked in an exaggerated zig-zag fashion away from the pharmacy. I continued to watch him from my vehicle. And yes, he saw me. I watched him until he was a block away. Satisfied that nothing was going to happen at this pharmacy at that moment, I proceeded with my own schedule.

Now, let’s be honest here. I have NO idea what that was all about. It may have been about absolutely nothing. But it did leave a marked impression on me. After all, my gut was telling me something wasn’t right and I rarely have to have my gun “handy” in such a fashion. (On my hip is usually sufficient.) But here’s what I do know. If something HAD happened at that pharmacy, I would have been devastated to know that I just ignored the preliminary signs. Now I can look back and know that “my hands are clean” because I didn’t helplessly ignore something.

Aware and mentally prepared citizens protect others in our society every day. Will you?

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My Wish – 100,000 Women Strong

By Kellene Bishop

Owning a handgun does not offer women any benefit for self-defense.  KNOWLEDGE, on the other hand, of how to use a firearm for self-defense is the ultimate equalizer.  And to me it’s the ultimate sign of freedom and liberty. 

There are a great many female gun owners in the U.S. at present.  Unfortunately the fact that these same women don’t actually use their firearm for self-defense merely gives fodder for the anti-gun crowd who claim, “See?  Firearms don’t help women prevent rape.”  Now that’s a shame. 

My Wish - 100,000 Women Strong! Photo c/o nytimes.com/

My Wish - 100,000 Women Strong! Photo c/o nytimes.com/

If I had my wish come true, it would be that an additional 100,000 women not only possess firearms in the U.S. this year, but also get expertly trained in handling them and carrying them on their person.  While my wish may sound a little far fetched, I firmly believe it’s a worthwhile one.  Imagine the hesitation in a violent criminal’s mind: “Geesh.  (Censored, of course)  Is THIS one of those 100,000 armed women who know how to use it against me?” or “Am I really ready to go up against a skillfully armed woman?”  I believe that the number 100,000 is sufficient to thwart millions of crimes all over the U.S. and make criminals think twice before assuming a woman is a vulnerable target.  I believe that that impact of 100,000 confidently armed women will alter the wrongfully perpetuated societal stigmas that many have about armed citizens.  And I believe that 100,000 armed women will make children more safe, not only against firearm accidents, but against perpetrators who target them.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have my wish granted and see 100,000 women competently quick-draw their weapon, shoot accurately, and reholster it.  It nearly gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

Photo care of

Photo c/o northshorejournal.org

Can’t you just hear the beautiful symphony made by the sound of the action after the slide is released all over the nation?  Ch-chang!  (I LOVE that sound!)  The patriotic sight and sound of “the rockets red glare; the bombs bursting in air” would be akin to the sound of double-taps all over the practice ranges in the U.S.  Can’t you just imagine the new level of confidence as women walk and talk strong and powerful knowing that they no longer will play the role of a helpless victim?  While my wish of 100,000 women is barely a dent in the number of the population of adult women in our nation, I believe that it’s sufficient to suitably rally against the crimes against women and their children and to accomplish what our law enforcement and government officials simply can’t or won’t do.

Independence isn’t just a benign word to be associated with our nation.  It should be a state of being that we women embrace every day.  We can be independent in our own effective protection and security and in doing so, literally impact the protection of women all over the nation.  This is my wish. 

Will you be one of the 100,000?

Will you be one of the 100,000?  

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Are You Prey for a Rapist? Part I of II

By Kellene Bishop

I’m going to share with you some traits that rape predators look for in an ideal target and how you can counter their efforts.  This is NOT an all inclusive summary, it’s merely a highlight of a few of the considerations I teach in my Women of Caliber self-defense course.  Understand that my pointing out a physical trait does not mean to say that you should alter your dress or hair, etc.  But you should indeed be sure that if you posses some of these traits that by arming yourself with the knowledge and the tools to successfully fend off an assault, you eliminate all odds of you being raped. 

  1. Photo c/o stalecoffee.blogspot.com/
    Photo c/o stalecoffee.blogspot.com/

    You are a target to a rapist if you have long hair, a pony tail, or some way for the psychopath to control the rest of your body by pulling your head.  If your hair can easily be grabbed, you pose as an ideal target.  Now, here are the facts of things.  I refuse to change my personal appearance just because there are scum bags out there.  I won’t let them intrude on my freedoms in this manner for one minute.  This is why I also exercise my freedom to be armed with a suitable firearm and other weapons that are easily accessible to me.  While they are pulling my hair, I’m pulling my firearm from my side or belly holster—end of story.  

  2. Your clothing makes an ideal target if it is easily removable.  Some rapists even carry scissors to aid them in this effort.  Again, dress as you will, but if you’re going to wear something that will pop off with the flick of a finger, I suggest you either quickly become a master sumo wrestler or you become familiar with flicking YOUR finger on a ready trigger. Also, keep in mind that involuntary nudity really disrupts a woman’s ability to think clearly.  Don’t worry though.  You don’t have to practice random acts of public nudity to become immune to this vulnerability.  Simply putting your mind through a legitimate mental exercise of what you will do if your clothes are violently removed from you is a HUGE asset.  Most women forbid themselves to even think of such a thing.  As a result, their mind turns off if it happens.  This is NOT what you want to have happen.  Stay focused on your rehearsed self-defense and determination and not on the spontaneous breach of modesty and you will very likely survive mostly unscathed.
  3. Photo c/o smarthome.com
    Photo c/o smarthome.com

    Do NOT disengage from your environment.  Rapists look for women who are on their cell phones, walking, loaded down with bags, etc.  Such women are typically disengaged from their surroundings.  Not only can you not afford such a state of cluelessness for your own safety, but you’re useless to helping others as well if you indulge in this manner.  This isn’t about being paranoid.  This is about being aware.  I never get into my car absentmindedly.  I carry my keys with my hand ready on the trigger of my red-dyed pepper spray.  I am aware and ready.  If I’m going to be on the cell phone, I’m still mindful of my surroundings—to the point that my friends and family ask that I call them back when I can be focused on THEIR conversation.  A quick chit chat is not worth my safety and they know and respect that.  I never go out to my car at night or walk the dogs mentally disengaged.  I’m particularly focused when I’m in a parking lot of ANY kind, day or night.  While most reported rapes occur between 3:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., it doesn’t diminish my level of awareness at high noon.  Any person aware of their surroundings also comes across as a confident, ready woman.  Shallow useless excuses of a man are always repulsed by such an image.  

  4. Remember, rapists are cowards.  They are specifically preying on what they deem to be an EASY target.  As such, the majority of them do NOT have a gun on them (only 2%). Of those that do carry a gun or any other kind of a weapon, they rarely expect to have to use it as they rarely expect a woman to be armed with anything more significant than a random right hook or pepper spray, let alone the knowledge, skill, and willingness to USE a weapon.  Statistically assailants will give up and flee when confronted with a determined fight.Do NOT fall for the ridiculous notion that submission is safer.  It’s not.  Even if you aren’t killed during a rape, do you really want to end up pregnant with the child of a rapist?  Do you really want to have to corrupt every intimate relationship you will have thereafter because of the rape?  Regardless of your moral standing, I assure you that a rape is NEVER just sex.  It’s violent.  It’s a nightmare that will take superhuman strength to heal from.  I’d much rather use my superhuman strength to prevent a rape than to have to heal from such an incident throughout the rest of my life—wouldn’t you?
  5. Photo c/o Getty Image
    Photo c/o Getty Image

    When you’re fighting for your life, 5 minutes can seem like forever.  One of the exercises I highly recommend you doing is to punch at a pillow, mattress, dummy, or punching bag non-stop with all the fiery will you can muster for an entire timed five minutes.  Keep the fighting at a high, fevered pace.  Work up to this if you have to.  Most women are not accustomed to such a workout.  Sure women can run for 6 miles without so much as a sweat, but fighting for their lives with arms and feet moving feverishly for 5 minutes is a whole other matter.

Part II of II in the “Are You Prey for a Rapist” series requires some specific instructions and some photos to aid in that effort.  So tune in tomorrow to learn of a highly effective exercise and defense method for you to use in rape prevention!

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If a violent criminal has broken in to your home…who’s his first target?

There are a handful of common reasons why women do not proactively learn how to defend themselves either physically or with a firearm.  But I have found that most of these reasons can be resolved with education.  In today’s article I wanted to give my fellow women some useful food for thought.

Suppose you have a competent husband.  He works out. He’s fit. He’s conscious of his surroundings, and perhaps he even is familiar with the proper use of a handgun for self-defense purposes.  Let’s even add to the mix that you also have a few children as well who have been taught how to safely live in an environment aware of self-defense.  Thus you may have a sense that all is well.

home-break-inNow, let’s suppose that the unthinkable occurs and a violent criminal has broken into your home.  And we’ll even assume that you “got lucky” and your husband is home when the invasion occurs.  Who do you think a strategic criminal would target first in order to get his demands met?  Your husband, because he’s the strongest threat?  No. That would be an incorrect assumption.  The criminal would go after you, the wife and mother, first because you are perceived as being the weakest yet the greatest asset. Think about it. What would your husband do in exchange for your life? What would your children do if “Mommy” was being threatened with unspeakable violence?  In this instance, your lack of skill and knowledge is actually a dangerous liability to the rest of your family. 

This situation could be significantly different if you merely appeared to be the weakest and yet were able to fully protect and defend yourself and your family. 

Let’s play this out in a single mom situation.  The criminal may go after you as you are perceived to be the only viable threat.  Or the criminal could go after your children in order to manipulate your actions. Either way, your unquestionable will to protect your children is simply not enough to save them. You must back up that will with knowledge and skill.  Otherwise you will still be a liability to your children or anyone else you love and care for. 

So how do you defend yourself?  While there are many defensive alternatives that can be considered, consider this.  A firearm operated safely and with expertise is the ultimate equalizer between a woman and her would-be attacker.  If an attacker is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or rage the proverbial karate chop is not likely to save your life and to end the altercation.  You need real stopping powers against such mind and body numbing substances in order to truly bring the altercation to stop and ensure you and your family’s safety. 

police-rescueIn today’s society where criminal activity seems to know no bounds, it’s naïve of us women to think that someone else will save us. The police can’t stop every attack from ever happening.  Our husbands or significant others won’t always be there to protect us.  We will not be able to ward off an intruder solely by our motherly lioness instincts.  These instincts may provide us with adrenaline and determination, but unless they are backed up with applicable and practical skill such instincts may only bring us more harm. 

Here’s the good news.  No, you do not need to train countless hours to have this kind of expertise.  And no, you do not need to shrink from your femininity in order to be capable of protecting yourself.  There is a proprietary technique available that will ensure that you hit only what you’re aiming at, and to do so expeditiously before the encounter escalates to an impossible situation.

For more information, go to www.WomenofCaliber.com

Here’s to your safety and peace.


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