Should You Apply for a Concealed Carry Permit?

By Kellene Bishop

I am frequently asked how I feel about letting the government know I have a firearm. Folks seem to be a bit concerned for my well-being when they learn that I’ve applied for a concealed firearm permit. They are concerned that doing so somehow puts me on a list and now the government can know where to go to take my firearm. Well, that’s one way to put it, Ladies, but I see it very, very differently than that.

Remember one of the greatest strategies of self-defense is to prevent the attack from happening in the first place, right? You do so by appearing confident, by never disengaging from your surroundings, and always being aware, right? This gives a very different message to a would-be attacker than a woman who has her purse lying open in the seat of the car, with the door open, while she’s attempting to simultaneously load groceries into the trunk of the minivan and balance her checkbook at the same time. (Yes, you know who you are. *ahem*)

So, let’s look at the whole concealed carry thing the same way. While some may see it as me showing my cards, there’s the other side of the coin in that I’m doing the same thing with the government as I do with a would-be attacker. As such, in actuality I’m NOT showing my cards, rather I’m actually putting “them” on notice that my home and my life is a “Bully Free Zone”.

Please know that I’m not accusing any one particular government employee of being a bad guy. I have dear friends who work for the government. I’d like to think that they may actually have an influence for good someday. But unfortunately, there are enough genuine “bad guys” within the body of the government that have the power and authority to inflict harm on We The People. The most common attack used by these nefarious persons is to bully. They initiate contact from a bullying position and with the least bit of resistance  from their prey, their natural response is to up the ante of intimidation. Unfortunately, many surrender at this point, especially when the threats are directed towards the loss or harm of their children.

Frankly, they are successful overall with this tactic because of a person’s ignorance of the laws and their freedoms. One thing we need to remember is that the laws of the land stand in your favor.  We also need to remember that the Supreme Court has ruled that it’s acceptable for law enforcement officials to lie to their targets in order to get what they want. A great deal of confessions by the innocent are derived by relentless harassment and manipulation.  So, when I put the powers that be on notice, informing them that I own a firearm and intend to have it with me at all times, I’m also putting them on notice that I have an educated understanding of what my rights are. I can promise you that this is not just posturing. Just like a woman needs to create an aura of confidence and awareness in order to avoid the appearance of being easy prey, I have studied and applied in earnest the laws of the land which truly do protect me.

I know it’s hard to believe that sometimes there are laws out there that protect you, because the mainstream media goes out of its way to promote the government as the supreme power in our life. Especially when you hear newscasts citing kids being removed from a parent’s home just because they sought out a second opinion in dealing with their son’s cancer diagnosis, people’s life savings being destroyed because they had the audacity to drink milk fresh from the cow, and a man arrested and jailed for demanding that his son’s elementary school allow them to “opt out” of homosexual education. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear about the circumstances of a man who successfully fights back and wins against the big bank who was trying to foreclose on his home, or the man who was found justified in shooting someone breaking into his home—turned out it was a police officer, and even the man in Utah who now threatens to topple a system that generates over $6B by illegally fining, citing, and even imprisoning citizens all because the citizens don’t know their rights and liberties.

Frankly, I consider the “requirement” of getting a concealed carry permit to be a violation of my rights and freedoms. The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution IS my concealed carry permit. But the bullies have successfully threatened and entreated too many for me to see that strategy as a viable one for now.  Instead, I prefer the upper hand I can enjoy by playing ball with them on their home turf—and still winning.

So, to answer the question, yep, of course I want them to know I’m a concealed carry holder because in doing so I’m putting anyone who would harm me, my family, or my freedoms on notice that I have a serious comprehension of my liberties and I know how to use them, nor am I afraid to use them. After all, the only way to handle a bully is to stand up to them.

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  1. Exactly the reason I got mine. I WILL play by the rules and I will STILL win even if the other side is not.

  2. So weird this was posted now…I read it, realized I had fogotten the lettuce I really needed for dinner, so ran out the door to the grocery store with kids in tow. We pull into the parking lot and get out, and a man appears to be coming from the store, but starts walking right towards us. He was within 2 ft and I was looking him dead in the eye, pepper spray at the ready (took the concealed carry class, but have to save money for the actual permit now). He paused, smiled, turned and walked directly toward another woman getting out of her car trying to get her children out. I wasn’t sure if I should intervene there, but with my own kids, we ran into the store, told management, and stood in the doorway watching to make sure nothing bad happened (I’m sure I would have left my kids there safely if something had started to go much further south – I’ve left them in the car and stopped for traffic accidents – not much different, I guess). I was dismayed that the management’s idea of safety was to send the only manager (small town), a woman much smaller and older than I, to talk to the guy and send him away. I talked to two women who were more than a little freaked out as they came in the store. I think walking the walk made a difference here. I’m reviewing the whole thing now, and think about things I might have, maybe should have done differently, but at least the conflict was absolutely avoided in our case… not so for other women and their children!
    I know the walk and talk rubs off, too…the kids and I were talking about the whole scenario on the way home, this walking the walk stuff… they’ve heard it a million times before. But, when we got home, my 9 year old, bless his heart, says, “mom, was that light on when we left?” (it’s one not normally on) – it had been, but I complimented his keen observations and ability to take in the situation… some might call it paranoid… I call it prepared, and yeah for my kids! Any thoughts on the “what might have been done differently” aspect?

    • Sounds like you did a great job. Way to follow through on watching to make sure nothing else happened. I’m even more thrilled that you’re teaching the kids too. As your confidence increases your actions will change as well. Bottom line–great job.

  3. What a wonderful post this is. I read it and it made my heart swell. I’m a former bleeding heart liberal who then got in a tangle with family courts and realized that it is far better to fight then to appease. My restraining order against my ex was much less effective then my changing my profile picture to one of me at the range with my Glock. That put everyone on notice about who I had become and what I was prepared to do in the future.

  4. Hello Kellen,
    First off I’d like to thank you for your article on caliber for women. I’ve felt that way for the longest time. I’ve always had to bite my tongue when I heard some gun snobs say you might as well keep a knife instead of a highly battle tested, highly effective 9mm. It just doesn’t make sense to me. That being said, I recently purchased a sig p250 compact in .40 for my new ccw . I like not having to worry about a safety, having the reliability of a sig, and the knowledge that the long pull of a double action only will prevent accidental discharge. I love the pistol, but I’m now shopping with my girlfriend for her first pistol. She’s an extremely petite woman. Maybe 100lbs. Do you feel she would be fine with the size and recoil of a 9 or should we be looking at a 380? I recently sold my only 9 so I don’t have anything for her to test. Thank you!

    • The recoil isn’t the only consideration…it’s the reverberation that you need to take into account as well. You want that as low as possible otherwise your girlfriend will cringe and squint (instinctively) when she shoots which will dramatically alter shot placement. When they are petite and with small hands, I always recommend the Glock 9, but don’t make the mistake of getting the smaller grip. Get the full-sized one. Recoiling only happens when you don’t have suitable support under the body and behind the gun. Most women shoot with their shoulders back and their back curved towards the target. This is doing nothing but enhancing the recoil of the gun. I’d still do a little checking for a range in which you guys can try out some guns if at all possible.

    • I just stumbled upon this site today. Great site !
      My Wife is one of those petites. She told me (when our boys were in diapers) she did not want them to know anything about guns. I told her she’s in the wrong country, and that I will teach them all I know. The short version: She signed them up for sponsored children turkey hunts, deer hunts, pheasant hunts, ect. She had never shot a firearm. I had no problem teaching her with a .22 rifle, but she baulked at the 9mm, my home defense gun. I insisted. Over the years she wanted to get involved in hunting, and last asked me for a FN .45 cal a friend of our’s let her shoot at the range. I thought it would be a handfull and then sum, but she found it very pleasant to shoot. The recoil is like a horse in a run, other guns is like a trot.

  5. Kellene,
    I watched the new show on the 7th and girl you are awesome. You exude confidence and real concern for others. I am a beginning prepper and will follow your blogs from now on. I carry a glock 26 and I also walk the walk. I am 5’8″ and 190lb so I am not a little woman and when I stare most people in the eyes they usually turn away. People that know me just laugh and say if they only knew what a mushy heart you have they would laugh. But the whole point of walking the walk is so they don’t know that, and if pushed I will definitely push back harder. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping others.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to share a little sunshine! I loved your comment–it’s so true. The point is they don’t see you with a big target on your back because you are clueless of your surroundings. Awesome. Keep it up!

  6. My husband and I just watched you on the new show “Doomsday Preppers” and I really liked everything you had to say and are doing in your community, especially preparing women for self defense. My husband has always wanted me to have a gun and a permit to cary but I was always a little nervous about the gun. After watching your segment on the show and reading this I will be applying for a permit and saving for a gun. I do have a question, do you have a gun that you recommend as being easy to use? Thanks!

    • I start all of my students on a Glock 17. I have a LOT of ladies who fall in love with it. Nice grip. Very forgiving of limp-wristed shooting, can’t get that thing to fail. However, it doesn’t have a safety in the traditional sense. (Though it is actually equipped with three types of safeties). I love, love, love my Glocks.

  7. Enjoyed reading this article.

  8. Thanks!

  9. I am glad I got my CCP. I drive 60 miles a day to and from work. I get out pretty late and as a single woman, with all the crazy drivers on the road here in SW FLA – I need my firearm to PROTECT myself.

  10. I was concerned about this too and just had asked my mom about it yesterday. Thanks for clarifying this Kellene!

  11. Agree, the second amendment should be considered the only legal concealed carry permit. Nothing else should be required. Mary,

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