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  1. Great article. I am a guy, very experienced with guns. (Military). My children were introduced to guns in early age. One of them (son) owns now two firearms. (purchased them off his own money). Of course I purchased the guns and I keep them locked and control them until we are in the range, but they are HIS. Another child (son) of mine owns this way one firearm. My children know how to think safety first, and are very fluent about and serious with gun safety. For the life of me, I can’t understand how womens’ and seniors’ organization hold anti guns positions, that only make “their” respective populations more vulnerable then they already are. If every rapist and every robber of a lonely senior knew that he is very likely to be looking at the wrong side of a gun, they would probably figure out something more productive to do with their time. Anyway, I am waiting for the next articles in this series.

  2. I just sent links to your preparedness blog and this one to 4 friends and my son-in-law. I’ve only read a few of your posts so far, but I’ve bookmarked your sites for further reading. Here is my comment to my friends:

    ” I’ve done some skimming, and I think her posts are very much worth reading. She has a different point of view from most of those kinds of blogs which are usually written by a male, often apparently a teenager with delusions of violent confrontations and victories or by guys who seem to be a bit paranoid. Kellene is far more practical.

    I’m sending you the links in the event that you would like to check them out too. If either of those subjects is of interest to you, I think you will want to see what she says. She’s practical, realistic, and makes good sense to me. ”

    I’ve raised 9 daughters and step-daughters. I’m a firm believer in a woman’s right and need to protect herself – from whomever, husbands included. I’m really happy to see a woman writing for women about guns. As a father and a ‘dad-figure’, I thank you for that.

    david bier
    groton, CT

    • David, thank you very much for your feedback. You make my efforts worthwhile. I will continue to work in truth, rather thany hype, and not disappoint you.

  3. Happened across a link to this site at Baen’s Bar. My compliments on a nicely put together site, with loads of terrific, and better yet, ACCURATE information on guns and gun ownership.

    I’d never seen Susana Gratia-Hupp’s testimony before Congress. The Luby’s attack in which her parents were killed occurred just shortly before I moved my family into the Killeen area.

    We in Texas owe a big thank you to Susanna for her tireless efforts on the passage of the concealed carry legislation. I was proud to vote for her, and I sincerely wish she hadn’t retired from the legislature.

  4. Kellene.

    You are doing a grand job as always.

    I’m getting tied up now that the Coalition for Gun Control has arrived in the blogosphere.

    If you have a minute pop around and see.


    Oh…this is the person that spearheads the Coalition.

  5. And if you can?

    A hand/commentary from a lady that is pro-gun is always welcome.

    We have another class scheded for the end of the month for more Lady CPL holders.

    I’m running out of hours available for sleeping. LOL

    • CG, feel free to link to anything I’ve got on here. Hope that helps! Good luck with the sleeping. Kind of seems insignificant at times when we’re so passionate about such an important cause, eh?

  6. Kellene,

    You are one busy lady! I didn’t know this was another of your blogs. Just got back from target shooting tonight. Perfect weather, pizza, wings, and shooting.

    Good information. I’m glad to have a website to recommend to my friends who are just now putting their toes in the firearms pond. :o)


    • Glad you found it TSM. We list it under “Kellene’s Blogs” on the site, but it simply doesn’t get noticed, I guess. Obviously, one can’t be truly prepared withouth a bit of firearm and self-defense knowledge, right? Keep it up! Woot!

  7. Just found you and have been reading for hours. Love your site and particularly loved finding the LDS section. I am waiting for my CW which is now taking 14-16 weeks in Florida so I was looking again at possible carry choices. My S&W 38 revolver is pretty and shoots great but it’s heavy and awkward for my purse.

    All my sons have concealed weapons, here and in Dallas. The one here totally agrees with you on caliber for a woman to carry. He told me a 9mm the way I shoot will take anyone out. A nice compliment from my son. I love his .45 compact but too heavy and too much kick for me.

    Thanks for the great site. I love having a woman to talk to. I will be back and I subscribed. Take care everyone.

    • Linda, Welcome to our site!!! I look forward to having you back and reading your comments again and again. (no pressure though..hee hee)
      Sounds like your shot placement is excellent. That’s really all that’s needed to be effective. Take care!

    • Great to see other LDS women blogging about girls and guns! Good site! We will return!

  8. For the love of God pull that article. you will put enough lead contaminate in that dishwasher to affect or possibly kill a child. Don’t believe me check with your physician…….PLEASE STOP!!

    • Lead? From what? The copper-jacketed bullets that I’ve shot through there? there’s NO lead in powder. Perhaps you’re getting this firearm confused with anohter.
      Oh, and the physicians that I ask, are these the same ones who tell me during a physical that I shouldn’t be carrying a firearm around and that put such information on my medical charts and raise my insurance rates?

  9. Love your site. Have been linking to it from my blog for awhile. I didn’t see any contact info so I thought I’d post here.

    I wasn’t sure if you knew about a new company called Packing In Pink. They sell earmuffs, range glasses, cable and trigger locks, apparel, target sheets, and more. All in pink and will make a donation to breast cancer research with every purchase.

  10. I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it.

    Personal safety is obviously a major concern but so is home security.

    Most people don’t realize that 68% of all rapes and 38% of all assaults happen inside a home.

    Being prepared for an attack at all times while you are inside your home is of the utmost importance.

    The best defense is stopping them from ever getting into your home. There is a door security product that will prevent door kickins called the StrikeMaster II Pro which is available from:

    It’s a good idea to have these on all your exterior doors.

  11. I got your twitter message, you have a great site here. I noticed you are from Utah. I grew up there and just knew the women were different. I try to do a post at least once a week on some type of weapons related issue. If you want to exchange links please get back to me, you have my e-mail, thanks Bernie…………

  12. Regarding the comment, “After seeing many a woman fight viciously to protect their own child…” I will tell you something that I’ve told my daughter-in-law.

    After 24 years in Alaska, I’ve learned that the Male Grizzly has no natural preditor (other than man) but there is one other animal that can and has killed full-grown Grizzlies. That is the Grizzly Sow when she’s got cubs with her. She may be out-weighed by the Boar by 300 or 400 pounds but she will fight viciously (even it it means her own death) to protect her cub or cubs.

    Boar Gizzlies know this and will consequently leave the Sow alone on most occasions (even when he’s larger and more aggressive). Women do have it within themselves to “fight back” if they are determined not be be a victim…

  13. Love your blogs. Thanks for all the work you put into them.
    Any chance you would do an article on the proper grip for shooting (trigger control)? You may have already written and I just can’t find it. Seems like there are tons of opinions on this and I would love to hear yours.
    Thanks again,

  14. You’ve been added to my blog roll at Thanks for the great blog!

  15. Hi – Not sure how I stumbled in, being a guy and all – I usually hang out at Sipsey Street or Pete’s Western Rifle Shooters, but glad I came. I commend you for taking on yourself the responsibility of helping girls / women learn to be self-reliant in defending themselves and their families. I don’t have a lot of online time right now, my beloved is in the hospital and has had health problems for a while, but will come back when I can. Such a smorgasbord of topics?
    Granted, my male perspective will differ in some areas, but not in others. ( Example – anyone who has spent time in a sniper’s hide, whether in combat or training, will tell you that an absolute necessity to being in a 4 by 6 foot area for three days, will not just need water and food bars… he ( or she) will need unscented baby wipes, a dozen heavy duty ‘freezer’ zip bags and an empty bottle or two,,, because human waste will not only draw the interest of passing guard dogs, perimeter patrols and wild animals, but also more kinds of biting, stinging insects than you want to consider – and being noticed is the last thing you want.
    Sorry to go off on a tangent; keep up the great work, stay well and be safe.
    I gotta go get my dogs and cat ready for bed.
    Semper Fi.

  16. I am a former active duty Marine, and while I was trained to use a number of weapons, this website hits on key elements essential to the proper use of firearms. Many people are under the assumption that you buy a gun and everything is okay. There are many situations where very effective non-lethal self defense devices can be equally as effective. Having good solid information is central to being a well prepared gun owner, and this site is right on Point. I certainly advocate for gun rights, and there are times when the potential of the firearm in the best deterrent. Education is the key to responsible gun ownership, and hand to hand combat techniques have their place also.
    Semper Fi responsible citizens.

  17. Stumbled across your blog while looking for articles and what not suggesting good choices for first time buyers (a few years later than I had hoped because of the state and area I live/grew up in).

    Regardless, its great to see a site that offers information about proper education and use of fire arms (and more) that is geared toward females, especially after growing up with a mother who’s fears of firearms are all based on the lack of knowledge.

  18. Thanks for the wealth of knowlegde! I went shooting for the first time yesterday and I was a bit intimidated. My husband and I live on the wrong side of the tracks (cheap housing we took a chance) and he has been pressuring me to get my carry permit. My husband is half way through the police acadaeny and we have several firearms in the house, so I figured I might aswell bite-the-bullet and be comforatable handling a gun safely. Turns out I REALLY LIKED SHOOTING! Reading your article confrimed what I was thinking a Glock 9mm was very easy-use friendly. I’ll try a few others but I
    very comfortable with it. Keep of the great work and it’s empowering as a woment to have a forum and resource like this to refer to .

    Thanks, AJ

  19. Just found your site, going to turn my wife onto it. She carries a Sig 380. Just wish she would practice more. You’re doing a great service for the female persuasion. James

  20. I have put this website in my “Favorites” and will continue to read your articles! I have only read a couple and I already like them! I have always had an interest in guns and shot my first one couple months ago. 9mm glock. I was scared of the recoil. I am not a girly girly by any means but I am a girl(if you know what I mean;)). I like to do hair but my friends(both guys and girls) say they see me shooting…anyways I jammed it the first couple times I shot it and got really upset that I did that, I really wanted to cry. But I’m the type where when I get used to it, I will be more comfortable with it. 50 rounds later, I really felt like a bad ass! very surprised how strong just a 9mm shot felt! So I am hoping your site teaches me more and makes me more confident and comfortable. I took a permit to carry class so I want to apply for my permit but also go to shooting ranges and practice, practice , practice! And of course for safety reasons as well but I am hoping more for the sport as well. Does your website cover aspects like that? I look forward to reading more:) Also do I have a year to apply for that permit since taking that class? i live in mn , thanks

    • I’m only familiar with the Utah time frame on applying for the permit, you’ll need to check with your state’s criteria, but that should be simple enough on their website.
      The 9 mm Glock is my personal favorite to train with and I also enjoy carrying it, among others.
      Glocks typically only jam if we shoot limp-wristed. There’s an article, only a few of them back, that talks about how you need to position yourself–or perhaps that was on the Facebook page, the permission only group. Go ahead and apply for access there.
      Good luck, and welcome to our site!

  21. Hello, I am working a grave shift tonight so may have noticed that I commented on your other preparedness blog as well… haha. I am living in Utah, me and my best friend have seen you on Doomsday Preppers, and we are very interested in taking a gun class from you. I do not have my concealed permit yet, and I am a beginner at best with gun handling. How can I get a hold of you to…. what, make an appointment… or sign… up or something?

    • I don’t teach concealed carry any longer. We decided to focus instead on skills instead of “permission.” However, what I do is teach private/semi-private. It’s an all day class for $350 and that $350 is good for yourself and up to 2 other individuals if you’d like. You submit a date that you’d like to me–preferably a couple of dates–and then we work from there. Hope to be able to help you soon. YOu’ll LOVE the quick draw technique. It definitely gives women a great deal of confidence.
      Otherwise, we have our Feminine Fortress classes which are sponsored by businesses in the community and are held about 3 to 4 times a year.

  22. Also, speaking of self defense, the gym Absolute MMA is presenting free Women’s Defense classes every Saturday in April.

  23. If you spray someone with pepper spray who is only a few feet away from you, can’t they still reach out and grab you and still hurt you?

  24. How can I practice some of the self defense strategies at home? My home is small and there is not much room for physical activity without running into something.

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