To Serve and Protect

serve-and-protectThe illusion that the police are there to serve and protect YOU is propelled by the media and Hollywood.  Be it known that believing that police are there to protect you in any way is indeed an illusion.  The fact of the matter is, the motto “to serve and protect” is not referencing everyday citizens.  Instead it’s about protecting the STATE, although it is everyday citizens which foot the bill for the execution of such a philosophical stance.

The only time you can be assured of true protection is with a private contract between you and a security guard—from someone else other than yourself, that is.  Such individuals would be required under contract to protect you. Should anything happen to you while they were under your employ you could hold them accountable.  However, the police are government employees.  This is exactly why there are so few law enforcement officers in relation to the crime in your area and the number of citizens to protect in your area.  It’s not about protecting the citizens.  It’s about protecting the state. 

Meltdown PrisonsThe release of thousands of inmates from California (and other) prisons reinforces this flawed thought process.  The release has been ordered as a result of the best interest of the financial standing of the State of California, not the citizens of California.  And yet it is the citizens who literally pay (through their taxes) for the legal representation of these criminals, the jury of citizens who are asked to make a fair judgment, the judge to oversee the case, the city employees who push the papers around for each criminal case, their care and well-being while incarcerated.  Yes, this is like making the citizens pay dearly for a high-tech weapon, only to have it scrapped and released to wreak havoc on the same citizens who paid for it.  Talk about “bait and switch!”  Ultimately it will be the citizens who pay a heavy price for any recidivism of any of these convicted criminals.  For centuries we’ve been paying our taxes gladly for such “services.” And yet we’re truly paying (in more ways than one) to be oppressed and overcome by such power and authority, regardless of the fact that it was free, law abiding citizens who bestowed such power. 

c2-logo-whiteInstead of relying on any government entity to protect you, why not invest in protecting yourself?  Get a permit.  Get a gun (or two, or three, or more). Get appropriate ammo—I don’t care how expensive it is.  And then get trained with REAL unquestionable skills to use that firearm safely both physically and emotionally.   For REAL self-defensive firearm skill, go to for exclusive training for women, by women, or for those of you who don’t want to be outdone by the women in your life. 😉


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8 Responses

  1. I can’t reference the decision(s), but the US Supreme Court has made it very clear at least once or twice that police are not obligated to protect citizens.

  2. Policing has evolved into a relatively usless plague against the efficiency of humanity in its current form. As agents of the courts that no longer reflect the law or the will of the people, policing as a concept is overdue for review.

    The real solution is for the rest of us people to take on the responsiblity for making law through a Legal Access Network as is outlined in the book ‘Majority Rules: The Public Input Proposal’. Download it for free at

    • I personally believe there would be better policing if they were “compensated” more appropriately. But they are typically given the leftovers in wages and in training, while the politicians and special interest groups skim off the top for their “entitled” shares. I believe that police corruption is rampant, more so than we are aware, but I believe that our current system has done it’s share to foster such a culture as well.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. As someone whom works with and trains, police, sheriff and state patrol in 1st Aid, CPR, AED, 1st Responder etc I hear first hand their frustrations. They are up against a liberal court system that is overloaded and encumbered by plea bargaining lawyers and criminals. They know all to well the public’s frustrations with getting a response quickly. When judges hand down wrist slaps and “stern talking too’s” to law breakers what should one expect? I recently had a break in at my home. Someone scum bucket went into our garage and rifled through both cars and stole my son’s bike. I told the responding Sgt and patrol officer it was good thing I did not hear them as my 9mm rests close to me. They both told me it was to bad I did not hear the scum in my home as they know what I would have done. Now my Winchester 1300 rests close to me at night, with Double Ought in the tubes.

    Great site here btw!!

    • I completely hear you on this one, maddmedic. Considering that LEOs are typically not able to appear until after a crime has been committed, so many cost our tax payers a significant amount of money in the court systems only to be given a mere slap on the wrist, and then even those who are conviceted are released from prison due to the financial inconvenience of having them there, it makes one wonder why more folks don’t just utilize the castle doctrine for their benefit in the first place. Perhaps a sardonic though, but a recurring one in my mind at times nonetheless.

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  5. […] U.S., MS-13, will never invade my peaceful neighborhood.  It’s naïve of me to believe that a 9-1-1 call will result in my immediate safety.  I could go on and on with the naïve thoughts I have […]

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